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a certain quantity, a certain time, a curved body part, a k. of animal, a k. of berry, a k. of bird, a k. of disease, a k. of duck, a k. of fir-tree, a k. of fish, a k. of metal, a k. of mushroom, a k. of plant, a k. of thin meal, a k. of tree, a k. of vessel, a k. of vessel made of birch, a k. of wild duck, a k. of willow, a k. of woodpecker, a large animal, a musical instrument, a night, a small fly, accuse, alder, already, an onion-like plant, annual ring, ant, armpit, arrow, arrow with a blunt tip, ashes, ask, autumn, axe, axle


bald, bark, bark, barley, basket, be, be afraid, be born, be slippery, be stretched, become, become wet, behind, believe, belly, bend, bent, berry, bind, birch bark, birch tree, birdcherry, bite, bitter, black, blackjack, blink, blueberry, blunt, board, bone, bore, bouquet, box, boy, brain, branch, branch, bread insipid, break, breast, breast, breast (1), bristle, brook, buckle, bull, bunch, burden, burn


cake, call, carry, chop, chop, clay, closed, cloth, cloud, cock, cold, comb, come, come in, comrade, convex, cook, copper, cough, count, cover, cradle, crane, crowd, crust, currant, curved, curved wood, cut, cut


daughter, daughter-in-law, deep place in water, dense, dew, die, dig, dig, diminish, disappear, divide, divide, drink, drinking vessel made of birch, drip, dry, dry


eagle, ear, early, earth, edge, eight, elbow, elder, elm, end of trunk, engrave, enter, evil spirit, exchange, extend, extinguish, eye


fall, fall down, farrow, fast, fat, father, fathom, feel, fever, few, fibre, find place, fingertip, fir tree, fire, fish scales, fist, five, flame, flank, flay, float, floor, floor, flour, folk, foot bindings, ford, four, fox, fragile, frazzle, fringe, front part, full


gall, gather, get accustomed, girl, glitter, gnaw, go, go away, good, grain, grease, gums


hack, hair, hairless skin, halter, hand, handful, handle of vessels, hang, hard, hard snow surface, hat, hay, hazelnut, he, head, healthy, heap, heart, heat, heat, hemp, hind, hit, hit, hollow, hollow hand, hollow of breast, hollow vessel, hop, house, humid, hundred, hut, hut


I, ice, illness, inside, inside (1), interval, intestinal worm, intestine, into, invite, it


k. of pallet, kill, king, knot


land, language, lap, large, laugh, leaf, leaf of a conifer, left, let come, lick, lid, lie, light, limb, lime bast, limp, little finger, live, liver, lizard, long, look, lowland, lowland, lull, lung, lust


marten, mead, meat, meet, melt, membrane, method, midday, midge, milk, moss, mother, mould, mouse, mouth, much, mushroom, muzzle


nail, name, narrow, narrow, nasty, neck, nest, net trap, new, night, nine, nits


oak, oblique, old, old woman, on top, one, one (1), open, open stone oven


part, particle, patch, peel, peel bark, peg, perceive, perch, person, piece, pierce, piglet, pine, pine forest, pine-tree, place, place for lying, plait, pole, pond, porridge, power, praise, present, press, press (1), price, prince, property, protruding, pull out, push, push


raspberry, reach, reason, release, rest, rip, ripen, roast, root, root end, rope, rot, rotate, row, rub


sack, salt, sand, scab, scared, scoop, scratch, scratch, search, sell, separate, seven, sew, shadow, shaft, shame, sharp stick, shave, sheep, shine, ship, shit, shoot, shore, side, sieve, sinew, sink, sister, sister-in-law, sit, six, ski, skin, skin from the paws of animals, slave, sleeve, sleigh, slippery, slow, small piece, smoke, smoke hole, snake, sneeze, snot, snout, snow, snowstorm, snuff, something elevated, sorry, soup, sour, sour, sour cream, space below something, speak, spit, spit, splinter, spring, sprout, stake, stalk, stallion, stamp with feet, stand, star, stay, steep, stem, step, step over, stone, stop, strength, stretch, strew, stump, submerge, suffocated, swallow, swallow, swamp, swampy sea, swan, sweat, sweep, sweet, swelling, swim


tail, tar, taste, tear, tear, temporary shelter, ten, tent, testicle(s), that, that (1), thick, thin, thin snow, thing, thirst, thirty, this, this (1), thou, thousand, thread, throat, throw, throw with a boom, thumb, tickle, time, tip, tired, to be forgotten, to become cold, to become dark, to bow, to catch with a net, to chew, to dance, to eat, to feel, to fish with a net, to give, to hear, to knead, to order, to rub off, to split, to wash, tongue, tooth, top, torn, touch, trade, trap, tree bark, tree fungus, tree juice, tree sap, tremble, tuber, turned over, two


unbind, understand, urinate


valley, variegated, vessel, vessel made of birch bark, vomit


warmth, wash, wave, wax, we, when, where, whetstone, which, who, whole, wife of an elder relative, wild animal, wild duck, willow, wind, winding, winter, wood, wooden vessel, woodpecker, woodworm, work, worm


yarn, year, you, young bird, young grass, young of deer, younger brother

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