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(bad) omen, (fish)


1st Sg. ps. pronoun obl. case


2-year-old colt


3 to 5-year-old stallion, 3d p. possessive pronoun


a bet, a bird of prey, a k. of arrow, a k. of blossoming plant, a k. of eagle, a k. of grass, a k. of grass, a k. of plant, a k. of poplar, a k. of roach, a k. of salmon, a k. of wild leek, a musical (string) instrument, a painful sensation, a row, ablet, above, abundance, abundant, accord, accustomed, action, add, address, adze, afraid of, after, aftermath, afternoon, against smth., age, agree upon time, agreement, albugo, all, all together, alone, along, alternate, alternate, ancestor spirit, anger, angle, animals, anklebone, ant, antelope, anus, anxious, appearance, arm, armour, armpit, arrow, art, Artemisia, ascend, ashamed, aspen, ass, atmosphere, attempt, axe


back, back of head, back of nose, back of the head, bad, balcony, bald, bank, bar, bare, bark, barley, basket, baste, be, be afraid, be ashamed, be attentive, be bent, be blunt, be born, be broken, be bulgy, be combined, be damaged, be energetic, be excited, be flat and wide, be flayed, be full, be hungry, be ill, be just enough, be mistaken, be noisy, be oblique, be old, be rough, be sad, be scared, be separated at joints, be shy, be spread, be tender, be thick and swollen, be thirsty, be timid, be unhappy with smth, beat, beat in, beaver, become, become cold, become dull, become flat and watery, become hard, become hoarse, become insufficient, become mad, become red, become separated, become sour, become tangled, become white, become worse than smth., beginning, behave indecently, believe, bellows, belly (of cattle), belly muscles, belong to the vanguard, below, belt, bend backwards, benediction, bent, bevel, beyond, big, big fire, big kite, big span, bilberry, bind, bind a horse, bind together, birch tree, bird, bird dung, bird net, bird-cherry, bite, bitter, bitter life experience, blab, black grouse, blanket, blind, blood, blow, blow (of snow storm), blow nose, boast, body, bone, bone arrow, bone callosity, bone with marrow, bones for divination, bonfire, boot-top, border, bore, bosom, bothered, bow, bow, bow down, bow forwards, brain, branch, break, break off, breast handle, breast ornament of horse, bridle, bristle, bristle, broad and thick, broil, bucket, build, bumble-bee, bunch, burn, bushes, butt with horns, butterfly, buttock, buttocks, button, button loop


cage, calf, calf (1 year old), callosity, camel, canal, carry on one's back, carry on the back, cast iron, castrated, catch fire, cause, cavity, cedar, cemetery, central pole, centre, chafe, chaff, change, character, charcoal, chase, cheap, cheek, cheek bone, chest, chew, chew, chill, choke with laughter, choose, chute, class, clavicle, clay, clean, clean, clever, cling to, close, close eyes, closer, cloth, cloth for cleaning, clothe, clothes, clothes, cloud, cloudless, clutch, clutch, coat, coin, cold, cold, cold wind, collar bone, collarbone, collect, colour, come back, come close to, come near, come to an end, compare, competition in bow-shooting, completely, compulsion, conceal, cone hillock, conflict, cooled, coral, cornel, corner of the eye, correct, cousin, cover, cover (by a horse-cloth), covet, cow, crack, cranky, creep, creep (up), crime, crooked, crops, cross (a mountain), cross over, cross-beam, cross-bow, crosswise, crow, crumble, cry, cry out, cup, cupboard, curd, curly, curse, curve, cushion, cushion for sitting, cut, cut lengthwise, cut off pieces, cut small


dance, dandelion, dark, dark brown, dark spots on neck, darkening, daughter, daughter-in-law, dawn, dawn, day, daylight, dead body of animal, deaf, debt, deceive, deep, deep in thoughts or in work, deep of water, deep valley, defame, degree, deliberation, demolish, dense, dense branches, deny, depilated skin, descendant, desert, deteriorate, device for processing, dewlap, die, different kinds of wild onion, different sorts of buckwheat, difficult, dig, diminish, direct, dirt, disease, disentangle, disgusted, disjoint, distinguish, divide, divination, divine on bones, dizzy, donkey, door, double bone (of animals), doubt, down, downward, drag one's feet, dregs, dress, drift on the surface, drink, drip, dry, duck-hawk, dump, dust-snow


each, eagle-owl, ear, ear of needle, ear-ring, early, earth, eat, edge, efficiency, egg, elbow, elder brother, elder sister, elk, emaciated, embrace, employ, end, ended, endure, energy, enter, enthusiasm, entirely, entrails of animals, ermine, every kind, everything, evil spirit, examine, excessively, exchange, excrements, exhausted, expand, extremity, eye, eye pus, eyebrow, eyelash


face, facing, faeces of young animals, falcon, falcon, fall, false rib, fang, far, far away, farrow a horse, fast, fasten, fasten, fat on liver, father, fathom, favourable circumstances, feather, feed, feel gnawing pain, felt, felt walls, female, female animal, female of a wild animal, female of animals, female servant, female shaman, fence, fermented milk with water, fern, ferocious, fetters, few, fight, file, find pleasure in something, finger-nail, finish, finish, fire steel, fire-brand, first, first rib, first snow, fish, fish bladder, fish fin, fish glue, fish roe, fish-eagle, fish-net, fist, five, flame, flame up, flay, flea, flee, flesh between the hips, floor, flour, flow, fly, foal up to one year old, fog, fold, follow, follow, foot, for dishes, for the sake of, forbid, ford, forehead, foreign, forelock of a horse, forest, forge, forget, fork, form, formerly, fortress, forty, four, fragile, fragile, freckles, free, freeze, freshet, friend, friendship, frog, frolic, front, front legs, front part of the foot, front part of the throat, frontier, fry, full moon, fur hat


gall, gallop, gape, gastric juice, gather together, gelded goat, generation, gentle, geranium, get accustomed, get drunk, get tired, gimlet, gingerly, give, give!, glanders, gleam, glitter, glorify, gnaw, gnaw at smth., go out, go round, go through, goat (2 years old), good, good quality, goose, gorge, grab, grass preserved its color, grasshopper, grave hill, grayling, greedy, green, green meadow, grey, grey of hair, greyish, grind, groin, grope, gross, grow, growl, guard, guess, gull, gulp


hack, hair, halter, hammer, hang down, hang on, hang on (smth.), happiness, hard, hard bark, hard growth, hare, harm, harness, hat, hate, have a burnt taste, have no power, head, headstall, healthy, hear, hearth, heated, heaven, heavy, heavy rain, heel, helmet, hemp, hen, heracleum dissectum, heron, hesitate, hide, high, hill, hind side of thigh, hinder, hit target, hit with a hoof, hollow, hollow under Adam's apple, honest, honour, hook, hoop, hope, horn, horse, horse dung, horse(s), horseshoe, host, house, huckle-bone, huge, hump, hundred, hungry, hurry, hurry, hurry along


in, in need, in vain, indignation, infant, influence, inner fat, inner pain, inobedient, insect, inserted, inside, instrument, intelligence, intend, intent, intention, interior side of the cheek, intestines, investigate, irritate


jealousy, join, joss-house, joy, juice, just a little, just enough


kick, kill, kitchen dish, kite, knead, kneel, knit, know, kolinsky, kumys


lace, lamb, land, large, large intestines, lark, larva, larva of a gad-fly, lasso pole, last year's grass, last year's lamb, laugh, lay, lazy, lead, leaf, lean on, leather bag, left, legend, leisure, level, lever, liber, lick, lie in a hole, lie in ambush, light, light (not heavy), light brown, light-bay, limp slightly, lip, listen, listen, liver, located, lofty, lonely, long and thick hair, long hair on back of head, long leather sack, look, look askance, lose, lose all hope, louse (of animals), lower, lower hard part of hoof, lower part of stream, luck, lump, lungs, lynx


magic, maize, majesty, make, make a notch, make a sign, male of animals, mallet, man, many, mare, marriage price, marrow, marrow, marshy ground, marten, marvel, maternal relative, mayflower, meadowgrass, meagre, meaning, means of transportation, measure, meat, meet, melt, melted fat, method, middle, middle ear, midge, milk, milk, mind, mine, mirror, mist, mistake, mix, mixed up, mole, monkey, moon, more than, mortar, mosquito, mother, mother of pearl, mould, mount, mountain antelope, mountain deer, mountain ridge, mouse, mouth, mow, muscles, musk, musk-deer


nail, naive, name, native place, nauseate, navel, near, neck, neck bandage, needle, needles of a conifer, neigh, nephew, nervousness, nest, net, new, new-born, new-born deer, night, nipple, nit, noble fir, noisy, nomadize, North, nose, nose bones, nose wings, not, notch on fish-fork, notice, number, nutritive


oar, oath, obliquely, obtain, ocean, of mist, of roof-window, of two rivers, off, offshoot from root, old, old badger, old man, omen, on, on this side, one, one more time, one of two (objects), one's way, onion, open, open wide, open wide, operation, order, original, orphan, other, otter, out, out, outlook, outstanding corner, overboiled, overcast in sewing, overflow, overflow, owl


page, paint, palm (of hand), pancreas, pant, paper, part, part of body around the heart, part of cloth in the armpit, partridge, pass, pastern, pasture, paternal uncle, paw, pay attention, pea, peace, peaceful, pear, pebbles, pedal, peel, people, person, perspiration, perspire, pestle, pheasant, phlegm, pierce, pike, pinch, pine, pine tree, pink, pipe, pit, pitchfork, plague excrescence, plain, plan, play jumping, pleasure, plough, plunder, pole, pommel of a saddle, pond, pool, poorly grown, pound, powder, pray, pregnancy, pregnant, prepare, present, preserve, preserve, press, press down, prick, protect, protection, protract, proud, province, provoke, pull, pull, put in order


quail, quarrel, quick, quietness, quite, quite good, quiver


rabid, rags, rain, rainbow, raise, rake up, ramson, rank, rapid, rapid current, rare, ravine, raw, reach, readiness, ready, reason, rebuke, red, red willow, regret, relative by marriage, relative-in-law, relatives, relax, report, rest, rest, rhinoceros, rib, ride sitting behind the rider, riffle, ring in bull's nose, rise, rise of steam, river, roam, rob, rock, roll, root, root of tooth, rope, rough and long steppe grass, round, rub, rub off, rummage, rump, run away, run slowly, rust


sabre, sack, sacred, sacrifice, saddle, saddle, saddle blanket, saddle cloth, saddle cushion, saddleless, saliva, Salsula, salt, salty earth, same, sand, sand grains, save, scab, scabbard, scatter, scoop, scoter, scrape with fingers, scratch, scurry, search, secret, secretly, sediment, see, see off, send, service, set, set in order, sew with wide stitches, shagreen, shake from side to side, shallow, shape, sharp, sharp instrument, sharp-shooter, sharpened, shave, shear, shed, sheep and goats, sheep skin without hair, sheepskin, shell, shelter for large cattle, shin muscles, shirt, shoe, shoot from a bow, shore, short, short and thin tail, shorten, shoulder bone, shoulderblade, shrink, shut, side, side boards on saddle, sigh, silent, silhouette, silk, similar, sin, sinciput, sinew, sink, sit, six, skewer, skin, skirt, skull, slanting, sleep, sleeve, slice, slope, sludge, small, small bag, small finger, small floating pieces of ice, small pool, small span, smallpox, smear, smear with oil, smell, snake, snipe, snot, snow, snow crust, snow storm, snuff, soak, soar, soar, soft woollen cloth, sole of foot or footwear, son, son-in-law, song, soot, sorcery, soul, sound, sound, South, spark, spatter, spend the night, spin, spin, spine, spleen, spot, spotted, spread out, sprinkle, sprinkle, spurt, squander, star, starve, stay behind, stem, step, step down, steppe, steppe fox, sterlet, stick, stick into, stick out, stir, stitch, stone, stop up, straight, straight, strain, strain, stray, stream, strength, stretch oneself, stretch out, strew over, strike, strike fire, strive, strong cold, stuffed guts, stumble, stupid, suffer, suffer from cold, suffer from hunger, sulphur, summer, sun, support, support, surface, surface, suspend, swallow, swallow, swamp, swamped forest, swan, sway, sway, swell, swift, swing


tail hair, tail strap, taint, take, take care of, take out, take responsibility, talk, talk nonsense, tarbagan, taste, teach, teal, tear off, ten, tent, terrace, testicle(s), testicles, tether, thankful, thick, thick growth, thick of liquids, thick part of sinew, thick skin, thigh, thin, thin silk kerchief, thin skin on penis, thin string, thin thread, thing, think, thinned, thirty, this, thou, thousand, thread, three, thresh, threshold, throat, through, throw, thumb, tickle, tie up a horse, tin, tired, to, to, to be able, to be detained, to be high, to be restless, to become worn out, to belch, to bend, to boil, to come, to defecate, to dress, to heat, to pick, to pickle, to smile, to sneeze, to speak, to urinate (of a dog), to wear a garment, together, tongs, tongue, tooth, tooth, top of head, top of milk, torment, touch, town, trace, track, trade, trample, transmit, transport, treacherous, tree, tree, tree bark, tremble, trickle, trigger, trot, troubled, trough, trumpet horn, trust, tuck up, turn into, twenty, twig, twins, twist, two


udder, unable, unable to get up, understand, unexpected, unfasten, unite, unpleasant odor from the arm, unworked leather, up, upper stratum, upside down, upwards, urgent, urinate


vacant, valley, vanguard, variegated, various grass names, vegetables, vehicle, ventricle of the heart, Venus, very, vesicate, vitality, vulva


wages for hired work, waist, waist part of the back, wait, walk, walk, walk slowly, wall, war, warm, warmth, wart, wash, watch, water-meadow, waterfall, wave, wave, weak, weapon, weasel, weaver, wedge, weep, West, wet, wet, wet snow, whale, wheel, wheel spoke, whet, whirlwind, whispering, white colour, white fish, white hare, who, whole, wide, widow, width, wife, wife of elder brother, wild, wild camel, wild goat, wild horse, wild male boar, wild pear, willow, willow bushes, win, wind, winding, wing of nose, winning, winter, wipe, wish, with hole, with testicles, withered, withers, without, woe, wolf, wolverine, woman, woman's hat, woman-ancestor, wood, wooden clamp put on camels, wool, word, work, work, worm, wormwood, worse, worth attention, wound, woven basket, wrap, wrapper for goat's genitalia, wrist


year, year, year of life, yellow, yellow of a horse, yellowish, yesterday, young, young dog or cat, young grass on river banks, young of a bird, young of dog, young of lynx, young of wolf, young pig, younger sibling

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