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a castrated camel, a curved knife, a gentle address, a gift of food to someone, a hysterical woman, a k. of berry, a k. of bush, a k. of falcon, a k. of fermented milk, a k. of grass, a k. of musical, a k. of poplar, a k. of short coat, a k. of small hawk, a k. of tree, a k. of upper clothes, a little, a little bit, a mass of hair or wool, a metal vessel, a mongrel of a yak and cow, a pinch, a sharp object, a young calf, abandon, acacia, additionally, advice, adze, afraid, again, age, air, alive, all, also, an emphatic interjection, an ending of the 2d person, ancient, and, anger, anguish, animal, animal's hair, announcement, ant, apple, apricot, aquila fulva, archness, area covered with stones, arm, armour, arrow, arthritis of metacarpus, as well, ash, ashes, ask, assault viciously, astonished, attach, attack, aunt, autumn, aware, awl, axe


back, bad, bad influence, badly bred, bake, bald, band, bandit, baptize, bark, bark, barley, barren cow, barren mare, bat, be, be afraid, be alarmed, be angry, be anguished, be beneficial, be bent, be broken, be brought together, be confused, be directed towards, be frozen, be happy, be irritated, be jealous, be lost, be mistaken, be perplexed, be satisfied, be tired, be wide open, be worried, bead, bear, beard, beard of grain, beat, beautiful, become, become angry, become boiled, become confused, become covered by red blots, become curved, become drunk, become excited, become lean, become mad, become old, bed-bug, bee, beer, beetle, being, belch, bell, bellows, belly, belt, bend, bend, berry, between, big, big joy, big needle, big vessel, bind, bind by throwing the rope, bind to, bind together, birch tree, bird, bird dung, bird's stomach, bitch, bite, black, blanket, bless, blessing, blood, blow one's nose, blue, boar, boat, body, boil, bone, book, borer, bosom, bother, boundary, bow, bow, bow string, box, brain, bran, branch, branch, brave man, break, break off, break off, breast strap, breastplate, breathe heavily, bride, bridge, bridle, broad, brother, brown, buck, bull, bundle, burn, bury, butterfly, buttocks, by one venter


calf, calf of leg, calf sucking two milch-ewes, camel, camel stallion, camel's pack-saddle, camping-site, cap, caress, carry on back, cartilage of the shoulderblade, cat, cattle, caution, chalk, chap, chase, cheek, cheek-pouch, cheese, cherry, chew, chicken-pox, child, children, chin, chop off splinters, churn-staff for kumis, city, claw, clean, clever, click, climb up, close eyes, cloud, clover, club-footed, co-wife, coagulated milk, coal, coat, coat of mail, cockered, cockle, coffee, cold, collect, colostrum, come, come out, come to an end, community, companion, complete, conform, constrict, contradiction, conus-shaped cylinder, copper, corncrake, corner, cotton, cotton seed(s), country, courage, cover, cover, cover up, cow, craftsman, crane, craw, crawl, creep, cripple, cross a mountain, croup skin, crow, crush, crush, cunning, curl, curse, curse, cut, cut aslant, cut branches, cut into slices


dam, dance, dark brown, dash, daughter, daughter-in-law, dawn, dawn, day, death, deceive, decrease, dedicate, deep, deep snow, deer, defecate, demand, demolish, desert, destroy, destroy, dictionary, die, die, different weed kinds, dig, diminish, direction, dirt, disappear, distant, ditch, dive, divide, dog, doll, Don't touch me there!, donkey, door curtain, double shin bone, dowry, drag, draw, draw near, dream, dregs after boiling butter, drink, drive, drive away, drop, drop, dry, dry grass, dry off, dry out, duck, dung, dusk, dust, dwarf, dye


eagle, ear, ear-ring, earmark, earth, earth-worm, eat, edge, edge of a dish, edge of cloth, egg, eight, elder brother, elder brother's wife, elephant, elk, embrace, empty, end, endowment, enemy, energy, enter, entertainment, erect a building, ermine, err, error, evening, excrements, excrescence, experienced person, explain, exterior, extinguish, eye, eye-ball, eyebrow, eyelash


face, faecal masses, falcon, fall, false ribs, family, famous, fang, fat, father, fathom, fear, feast, feel, feeling, felt, female, female camel, female slave, ferment, fermented milk, fetters, field mouse, fight of women, file, file, film, find, finger, finger ring, fingernail, fir branch, fire, first snow, fish, fish, fish trap, fishing rod, fist, fit into, flag, flame, flap of door, flat, flat ground, flea, flee, flow, fly, fly, foal, foaled mare, fog, follow, fontanelle, fool, foot, foot-hill, foot-hills, footwear, for the sake of, forearm, foreigner, forest, forest, forget, forty, four, fowl, fox, freckles, freeze, friend, frog, front, frost, fruit, fruit of some wild plants, fry, fumes


gad-fly, gall, gape, gappy, garden, garlic, gate, gather, gather, get accustomed, gift, gimp, girdle, girl, give, glowing heat, glue, gnaw, go astray, go away, goat, god, gold, good, good action, good fortune, goose, govern, gradually, grape, grasp, grass, grasshopper, grating of the yurt, great, green, grey, grey of eyes, grey-headed, gristle, grow, grow, gruel, guest, guilt, gusset


hack, hair, hair in camel's beard, hair of head, hammer, hand, hand towel, handful, handle, hang, hang on smth., hard, hard of steel, hare, harness, harnessed animal, hat, hate, hawk, haystack, he-goat, head, heal of a wound, healthy, heap of stones, heap up, hear, heart, heavy, heel, hello, helminth, help, hemp, hen, herd, hero, heron, hide, hill, hilltop, hilt, hoar-frost, hobble, hole, honorary place in the house, honour, hoof, hook, hop, hope, horn, horse, horse's bit, horse-race, host, hot, hot wind, hot-tempered, hour, house, howl, howl, hummel, hundred, hunger, hunt, hunting with dogs, husband


I, ice, image, immerse, in slices, in-law, indent, inimical, inner fat, instrument, intelligence, interior of smth., interrogative particle, intestines, iron, iron hoop on a cask, irritable, island, itch


jaw, joint, joints in animals, jug, juice in meat, jujube, jump


kerchief, key, kidney, kidney(s), kill, kin, kind, king, kitchen, knead, knee, knee cap, kneel down, knife, knock down, know, knucklebone, kumys


lair, lake, lamb (6m. old), lamb that has stopped suckling, land, language, large, large bovine, large earthenware vessel, large intestine, lark, lasso pole, last year, late, layer, lazy, leaf, lean, lean and small, leather belt, leech, left, lens, lentil, level, lick, lie, light, like, listen, little, live, liver, load, lonely, long, long for, long person, long uncurable disease, look after, lose strength, louse, lower part, lower part of shank, lower side


magpie, make, make difficult, make holes, make magic, malice, mallet, Man, man, mange, mankind, many, margin, marrow, marrow, marsh, matchmaker, mattock, meadow, meal, measure, measure, meat, medicinal shrub, melt, method, middle, migrate, mild, milk, milk, millet, mint, mirage, miss, mist, moist, mole on the face, month, mood, mother, mother (to an elder woman), mother-in-law, mount, mountain, mountain forest, mountain slope, mountain top, mouse, moustache, mouth, move, move down, mowing, mulberry tree, musical instrument, musk


nail, naked, name, narrow, nasal cavity, navel, near, necessity, neck, needle, neighbour, nephew, nest, net, net for catching birds, nettle, new, new-born, new-born animals, night, nine, nit, No, nomadizing, noon, noose, nose, not, not


oar, oath, oats, oblique, obstruct, of food on dishes, off, offer, old man, old woman, omen, one, one hundred, one of a pair, one of the pegs in a plough, one-eyed, onion, ooze, ooze, open, origin, originally, originate, outer side, overflow, overthrow, ox


pain, paint, pair, pale, pale grey, pan, parched nose, part of animal's skin, part of booty, part of loom, part of the yurt, pass through, patch, patch, pay respect, pea, peck, pedestal, peel, people, perforate, person, pick, pick at, pierce, pig, pike, pile up, pinch, pinchful, pine cone, pitfall, pity, place, place near the neck, place of staying, place where two rivers meet, plait, plait, plane, plant vertically, plaster, play, plough, pluck, poor, poplar, porridge, possess. suffix (3d person), pot, pour out, power, powerful, precious stone, prediction, pregnant of animals, press, press in, pride, produce smoke puffs, pronounce, prop, prop on a pillow, protruding edge of a mountain, pull, pull out, pull out, puncture, punish, pus, put calf to a different milch


quarrel, quick, quiet, quilted coat under armour, quiver


rafter, rain, rain, raise, rake, ransom for bride, rash, rasp, raw, reach, recently, recite, recuperate, red clay, reed, regret, remain, resin, rest, revolve, rich, right, rise, rise, rob, rock, rod, roll, roll down, roll over, roll together, room for grain, root, rope for calves, rot, rotten, round, round, round thing, rub, rub teeth, rump, run, run away


sable, sack, sacred, saddle, saliva, salt, saltwort, sand, satiate, satisfied, saturated, sausage, say, scabbard, sciatica, scold, scoop, scoop, scorpion, scrape, scrape, scrotum, scruff, scythe, seam, search, secretive, see, seed, sell, send, separate, servant, set teeth on edge, shadow, shake, shake, sharp stick, sharp-edged, shave, shin, shine, ship, shirt, shiver, shoot, short, short-statured, shoulder, shovel, side, side, sieve, sift, sign, silently, sin, sinew, single, sink, sister's husband, sit, six, skilless, skin, skin, skin tanned, sky, slander, sleep, sleeve, slide, sling, slope, small, small finger, small path, small reed, small yurt, smear, smoke, snake, snatch, snout, snow, soak, sober up, sole, sole a boot, son, son-in-law, song, song with 1 rhyme for 12 lines, soot, sorgho, sorrow, sound, sow, sow, span, span between the fingers, spark, sparrow, speak, speech, spin, spindle, Spiraea, spirit, spit, split, spoke, spongy bone, spoon, spread, spread out, spring, sprinkle, stable, stagger, stamp, stand, star, starling, steep bank, step, step, steppe, steppe fox, stick in, stick into, stick to, stick to, stiff, stir up, stir up, stir with a poker, stone, storm, stove hole, strain, straw, stretch out, strike fire, stringer beam, strive, strong, stubborn, stupid, stupid person, submerge, suck, suffer, summer, sun, support, supporting a yurt, suspect, suspicion, swaddle, swaddlingclothes, swallow, swallow, swan, swear, sweep, sweet, swell, swelling, swim, sword


tableland, tail, take, talk, tamarisk, tan, tar, taste, taste, tasteless, tear, tear apart, ten, ten thousand, tent, tent covering, test, tether, Thank you, that, the essential part, there is, there is not, thick, thick part of the thigh, thief, thigh, thimble, thin, thin bread, thin straps for sewing, thirty, this, thou, thousand, thread, threat, three, throw, tie in a knot, tie to, tie up, time, time, to advise, to be ashamed, to be satiated, to become strong, to kindle, to know, to order, to reek, to sew, tooth, top of boots, top of head, torture, tree, trophies, trot, trot, trust, tumble, turkey, turn back, twist


udder, uncle, understand, unsubstantial, untie, up, up, upper clothes, upper part of breast, urinate, usefulness


vain, valley, variegated, vertical, very, vessel, voice, vomit, vulture, vulva


waist, wait, wake up, walk, walk through, war, wares, warm, wart, water, way, we, weaken, weaken, weave, what, Where is my room?, Where is the bar?, Where is the beach?, whetstone, which, whirlpool, white, white blaze, white lead, who, wick, wide, widower, wild animal, wild game, wild goat, wild lamb, wild onion, wild turkey, will, win, win, wind round, windpipe, wing, winnow, wish, wither, Woman, wonder, wonderful, wooden frame, wooden nail in camel's nose, wooden plough, wool, woollen cloth, work, worm, worship, wrap round, wrestle, wrinkle, write


year, yellow, yellow of a horse, Yes, young, young badger, young fir tree, young hawk, young lamb, young of camel, young pig, younger brother, younger sister, younger wife, yurt poles

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