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'Botany'; a sanatorium, 'Bud'; a kindergarten, 'Cotton Worker; sports stadium, 'Courage'; a memorial, 'Freedom'; a monument, 'Gold Star'; a medal, 'Happy'; a firm, 'Hero of Uzbekistan'; a rank, 'Rainbow'; United Press Office, 'Sacred Blood'; a novel


(to someone)


10 to 15, 100000, 16 kg. weight






a bird of prey, a bride's arrival, a charitable fund, a cloven hoof, A hundred and two, a k. of cloak, a k. of duck, a k. of falcon, a k. of grass, a k. of musical, a k. of reed, a k. of short coat, a k. of upper clothes, a light textured bread, a little, a man who excavates, a man's wife's younger sister, a mass of hair or wool, a pinch, a prize in horse-race, a small yellow plum, a white-eyed dunbird, a white-eyed dunbird, a wish, a.k.ok weasel, abandon, above, absolutely, absolutely dark, acacia, ache, acid, add to, afraid, after becoming accustomed, after lighting, again, age, agronomist, ah, alive, alkaloid, all, all of this, all right, almond shaped eyes, also, alum, aluminum, always, Am I well?, an earthenware dish, an ending of the 2d person, an opera, ancient, and, and look, and you?, anger, angle, animal pen, ankle-bone, anniversary, announcement, answer, ant, any longer, aorta, apricot, aquila fulva, architect, Are they well?, Are we well?, Are you alright?, Are you pregnant?, Are you short of breath?, Are you well?, Are you well? (pl), area covered with stones, arid, arm, Arm, arm, armpit, arrow, art, artery, artist, as if afraid, as if late, as soon as he came, as well, ash, ashes, ask, asking, asphalt, aster, at home, at last; he came, at once, at the house, at work, athletic build, attention, aunt-mother's side, authority, automate, automatic machine, autumn, average, aware, awl, axe


back, back of head, back of the neck, bad, bad taste, bad weather, badger, bag, bald, balloon, bandit, baptize, barely perceptible, bark, barley, barren cow, basil, basis, bat, be, be afraid, be ashamed, be beneficial, be broken, be brought together, be comforted, be directed towards, be ended, be happy, be irritated, be lazy, be lost, be perplexed, be satisfied, be stopped, be tired, bead, beads, beat, beautiful, because, because of, become, become, become crushed, become drunk, become mad, become old, beetle, before, before a holiday, beg, began writing, beggar, begin giving away, believe, bellows, Belly, bend, bend, bend one's neck, benefit, beside, best, better, bid farewell, big, big needle, billion, bin, bind by throwing the rope, bindweed, biography, biology, birch bark, birch tree, bird, bird-cherry, bitch, bitter, black, blackberry, blaze, blessing, blinded, Blood, blossoming meadow, blue, boar, board, boat, body, body hair, bon apetit, bone, book, books, bosom, both, bottom, bourgeois, bow, bow, boxing, brace joining the wheel hoop, brain, bran, branch, branch, brand name for a refrigerator, brave man, bread, breast, breastplate, Breathe in, brick, Bride, bridegroom, bridge, bridle, bright red, brightness, bring, bring, broad daylight, brown, bucket, buckle, bug, Bukhara, bull, bullet, bundle, burden, burn (itr.), burn (tr.), burn brightly, bury, bus, bush, bush thicket, but, but all the same he has seen, but it is okay, butter, butterfly, buttocks, buy


Calf, calf, calf of leg, call, Call the police!, camel, camel's foot, camel's pack-saddle, camera, cap, car, caress, cartilage, cat, catch fire, cattle, cause to be ashamed, cause to bend, cause to call, cause to laugh, cave, centipede, certainly, chaff, chair, chalk, character, chase, cheap, cheat, cheek, cheek-pouch, cheekbone, cheerful, cheers, chew, child, child?, chirp, choose, chop, churn pestle, cinema, circle, circulation amount, circumcise, city, classical folk melody, claw, clay, clean, clear sky, click, clippers, close, close, close eyes, clothing, cloud, clover, clover field, clown, club-footed, co-wife, coagulated milk, coal, cockle, cold, collect, colostrum, come, come, come to an end, Come!, Come! (even more polite), Come! (more polite), comfort, coming, commerce, common Turkic words, community, compact, complete attire, completely, completely full, completely round, conform, congress, conscience, conscientious, construction, conversation partner, cooked, cool down, copper, copy, corn-cob, cornflower, correct, cotton, cotton seed(s), Cough, country, coupon, courage, court, courtyard, cousin, cover, cover, cover up, cow, crack, crafty, craw, crawl, create, creation, creep, cross a mountain, croup skin, crow, crush, crush, curl, curse, curve, cut, cut aslant, cut branches, cut in slices, cut into slices, cylindrical


dandruff, dark, dark brown, dark-red, daughter, daughter-in-law, dawn, Dawn; a hotel, day, day and night, deceitful, deceitfully, deceitfulness, deceive, deceived, deed, deep, deer, deer male, defense, Defense Minister, definitely, delight, delirium, delve, demand water, demolish, deputy, deputy Prime minister, descendent of the prophet, desert, despise, dew, diagram, diamond, Did he come?, Did she come?, die, different weed kinds, Director, dirt, dirty, disposition, distant, distress, ditch, ditty, dive, divide, do, Do you have a family?, Do you have asthma?, Do you have epilepsy?, Do you have sugar diabetes?, Do you like it?, Do you speak Uzbek?, Doctor, dog, doll, Don't be taken in by his guile, Don't move, Don't touch me there!, donkey, door, door curtain, down, downcast, downwards, dowry, dragon, draw, dream, dregs, dress, dried apple, drink, drive away, dry grass, dry out, dry out, dung, during the day, dusk, dust, dust-storm, dwelling place, dye


each, Ear, ear-ring, early, earmark, earth, earth-worm, earthenware pot, East, easy, eat, eat, Economics, edge, edge of cloth, eel, egg, eight, Eighteen, Eighteenth, Eighth, eighty, elder brother, elder sister, elder sisters, elderbrother, election, electrical engineering, Eleven, Eleventh, elk, elliptical, embrace, embroidered wall hanging, empty, endowment, enjoy oneself, enjoyment, enlightenment, enter, enter, entire, epilepsy, equal, era, erect a building, err, essay, estimation, evening, every, every hour, everybody, evil, exactly right, excavate, excellent, excrements, Excuse me, exist, exit, experience a flow of milk, export, extend, extinguish, eye, Eye, eye glasses, eye-ball, eyebrow, Eyelash, eyelid


face, face to face, factory, family, fang, far, fast, fat, Father, fathom, feast, feel, feel, felt, female, female breast, ferment, fermented mare's milk, fermented milk, few, field, Fifteen, Fifteenth, Fifth, Fiftieth, fifty, fight, find, fine; thanks, Finger, finger ring, Fingernail, finished, fire, firewood, First, fish, fit into, five hundred, flag, flame, flap, flap of door, flat and broad, flea, flee, flow, fly, foal, foaled mare, follow, food, Foot, foot, football, footprint, for, for you, force, forearm, forehead, foreign(er), forest, forever, forget, Fortieth, forty, four, Fourteen, Fourteenth, Fourth, fowl, fox, frazil, freckles, free, freedom, freeze, frequently, friend, friend and enemy, fringe, frog, from, from copper, from roof to roof, from the house, from this side, from year to year, front, frost, fruit, fry, full, furuncle


gain, gall, gappy, garage, garlic, gate, gather, get polished, get ready, Get well soon, gift, Girl, give, gloomy, glowing heat, glue, gnaw, go, go astray, go away, God, god, gold, good, good afternoon, good bye, good evening, good fortune, good health!, good job!, good luck, good morning, Good Morning!, good news, good night, good thing, Goodbye, goose, gopher, grandfather, grape, grape vine, grasp, grasshopper, grating of the yurt, gravel, gray crow, great, great-grandson, green, grey, groin, groom, ground, grouse, grow, grow up, gruel, guest, guile


hack, hail, hair, Hair, hair, hair of head, half, hammer, hammering, hand, handful, handle, handless, hang, hang on (smth.), happiness, happy, Happy Birthday, Happy Journey, Happy New Year, hard, hare, harvest, has apparently left, has left, has reportedly left, hat, have a look, have a nice day, have a nice trip, have an influence, have sewn, Have you any pain?, having quality, hawk, he, He came, He comes/will come, He is a voluntary soldier, He is a young child, He is disposed to jokes, He is walking in the fresh air, He spoke quickly, He strives for knowledge, He tricked me, He will come, he-goat, Head, heal of a wound, healthy, heap up, hear, Heart, heart, heavy, heel, heel-piece of a boot, hello, hello (on phone), Hello!, help, help, hemp, her being tempered, her dream, her grandfather, herd, here, hero, heron, herself, Hey, hide, high, hill, hilltop, hilt, hire, his, his book, hit, hobble, hobble, Hold your breath, hollow, home, home to home, homeland, honey, honor, honorable, honorary place in the house, hoof, hook, hope for, horn, horse, host, hot, hottest, hour, house, house, how, How are you?, how many, how much, How much is this?, How old are you?, hull, humble-bee, hummel, hundred, hundreds, hunger, hunt, hunting, husband, husbands of sisters, husk


I, I am Dilshod, I am from Florida, I am from United States, I am from..., I came, I come/will come, I didn't come, I don't underastand, I fell asleep, I like it, I line in the city of New York, I live in the US, I love you, I want to go home, I want to go to the cinema, I want to study, I wanted to go to the theater, I will give up this job, I wish you luck, I wrote a book, I'll wait for, I'm teaching at the University, ice, identical, ideology, if, in the middle, inappropriate, incessantly, incite action against someone, incoherent, incurable, Independence Day, industry, infinitely large, information, infuse pride, inner fat, inside, insipid, inspiration, instrument, intellect, interaction, interlocutor, interrogative, interrogative particle, introduction, invisible, invitation, inwardly, irritate, Is he well?, Isaac, Islamic religious law, issue an appeal, it is okay, It's definite that I will come, its adherence


jaw, jealous, join, joint, jug, jujube, jump, jump up, Just a minute


key, kidney(s), kill, kilogram, kilowatt-hour, knead, Knee, knee, knife, knock, knock down, knocking sound, know, know, krainian, kumys


Ladies and Gentlemen, laid out tablecloth, lake, lamb, lamb (6m. old), lamp, land, language, large, large bovine, large earthenware vessel, lasso pole, last year, late, latin, laundry soap, law, lay an ambush, Lay on your back, layer, lazy, leader, leader of a thousand, leaf, lean, learn, Learn Uzbek, leather, leather belt, leech, left, lentil, lesson, let you say, let's go, level, lick, lie down, lie in ambush, light, light yellow, lightning, like, lion hearted, lip, listen, little, liver, lizard, load, load, loan words from Arabic, loan words from Russian, loan words from Tajik, lonely, long, long running, Long time no see, long time no see (1), long working, Look here, Look here!, Look; here, lose strength, louse, love, love-dignity, lower part


Madam, magazine, magpie, make, make a decision, make holes, make magic, make way for, malice, mallet, man, Man, man who picks cotton, man's name, manager, mange, many, marriage, marrow, marrow, Mars, marsh, matches, matchmaker, material, maternal cousin, mattock, mattress, May I introduce myself?, May you be successful, me, meadow, means, measure, measure smth. out in drops, measuring, meat, melon, melt, Memorial Day, memory, metal, metals, method, microphone, middle, migrate, mild, milk, milk, millet, million, mind, mine, miracle, mirror, miserly, miss, mitten, mix, moist, moment, money, monograph, month, mood, moon, more, morning, mortar, mosaic, mosquito, most, moth, mother, Mother, Mother-in-law, mountain, mountain slope, mountain top, mountain-stream, mouse, moustache, mouth, move, move down, mow, mushrooms, my, my attention, my book, my dream, my grandfather, my heart, My name is Ravshan Yusupov, my name is..., My nationality is American, My native language is english, my place, my prestige, my right


nail, naked, name, name of climbing-plant, narrow, nations and peoples, native land, natural, nature, navel, near, necessary, necessity, neck, neck, needle, neighbour, nephew, nest, net, net for catching birds, never, new, new-born, new-born animals, new-born child, news, next year, night, nine, Nineteen, Nineteenth, ninety, Ninth, nit, no, no one, No!, nobleman, nomadizing, non-existent, none, noon, Northern Caucasus, Nose, not, not come, not to utter a sound, November, now, Nuclear Power Plant


oak tree, oar, oath, oats, obliged, oblique, observation, obstruct, ocean, of air, off, officer, Officer, oh; my son, oil, old, old (person), old (thing), old man, omen, on to the leaf, on top of, one, one by one, one hundred, one kilogram of..., One language is never enough, one million, one moment, one of a pair, one thousand, one thousand, one thousand?, one who reclaims arid land, One- hundred, only, only me, ooze, open, order, other, our, our attention, our book, our dream, our grandfather, our prestige, out, outdoor market, outer side, overflow, overthrow, ox


pain, pains, paint, paint, pair, pale, pale grey, panic, paper, Pardon me, participation, pass, patch, pattern cutter, pattern-cutter, pea, pearl, peck, peel, pen, penthouse, people, perceive, perfectly clear, Person, persuasion, pester, pheasant, physics, pick, pig, pile up, pinch, pinchful, pinchful, pipe, pitfall, pity, place, place between neck and chin, place of staying, plait, plane, plant vertically, plaster, play, play, playful, please, please (offering), Please speak more slowly, Please write it down, pleased, pleased to meet you, pleasure, Pleiades, plough, pluck, pock-marked, pock-marked, poem, poet, poets, point of view, poison, pole-ax, Police officer, polish, porch, porridge, possible, pot, pour out, pour out water, power, pregnant of animals, press, press in, prize, prize winner, problem, profit, projector, promise, pronounce, prop, pull, pull out, pus, put, put, put in, pyramid


quail, quail's eyes, question, quick, quiet, quilt, quilted, quince


radiator, radio, radio station, rafter, rain, rain, raise, rake, ransom for bride, rash, rather little, rather sour, ray, reach, ready, real, reason, recently, red, red duck, reed, regards, regret, relationship, relative-in-law, remain, renovation, Republic of Uzbekistan, request, residues of food on dishes, resin, respect, responsible, rest, rest, return, revolve, rich, riddle, ride on, right, ripe, rise, rise, rize, rob, rock, roe, roll down, roll over, roll together, room, rooster, root, rope for calves, rot, rotten, round, round, round thing, royal sign manual, rub teeth, rubber, ruby, rug, rumble, run


sable, sack, sacrifice, saddle, safe, safe and sound, Salsula, salt, Samarkand, sand, sarcasm, saturated, Saturday, say, say, scatter, science, scold, scoop, scorpion, scrape, scrape, scruff, scythe, sea, seamstress, seamstress shop, search, season, Second, second wife, sedge, see, see, self-sacrifice, sell, sell, send, separate, separate, September, serious, servant, set smth. on fire, seven, seven people, Seventeen, Seventeenth, Seventh, Seventy, seventy, several, shadow, shake, shake, shame, sharp, shave, she came, she can go, she didn't come, She dreams of a car, she has, she has come, she is over, she knows, she saw, she went, sheep skin, shin, shin-bone, shine, ship, shirt, shiver, shoot, short, short-statured, shoulder, shoulderblade, shovel, sick, side, side-by-side, sieve, sift, silk, sin, sing, singing bird, sink, Sir, sister's husband, sit, sit down, six, Sixteen, Sixteenth, Sixth, sixty, skill, skin, skin tanned, skull-cap worn, sky, sleep, sleep, sleeve, slide, slime, slow, slowly, small, small finger, small things, smb. bow, smear, smear, smoothness, snake, snatch, snout, snow, snowing, snuff, snuff box, so much, soak, sober, soil, sole, someone who eats, sometimes, Son, son, son-in-law, song, soot, sorrel, sorrow, sorry, soul, sound, sound, sow, sow, space between, span, span between fingers, spare, sparrow, speak, speak, speech, spend, spin, spindle, spirit, spit, spleen, split, split lengthwise, spoil, spongy bone, spoon, spread, spring, Spring's equinox; New Year's, sprinkle, squirrel, stadium, stairway, stand, stand, starlet, steam, steep bank, step, steppe, steppe fox, stick, stick into, stick to, stick to, stiffen, still, stir up, stone, stop that!, store, strand, straw, street, street to street, strike, strike fire, string, student, study, stump


table, tack, tail, take, take, take out, taking, tamarisk, tanning matter, tapping sound, taste, tax in favour of the poor, tea, teach, tear, tear apart, telephone, television program, tell, temper, temple, temptation, ten, tent, Tenth, test, testing, tether, thank you, thanks, that, that same one of them, that side, The Academy of Sciences, the Archer, the Central Kizilkum, The Chairman of the Parliament, The Egyptian Arab Republic, the end of Ramadan, the essential part, The fresh fruits dried up, The Institute of Linguistics, the latest, The Ministry of Public Health, the moon's surface, the press, The Republic of Uzbekistan, The Russian Federation, the two, The World Security Council, theatre, their, their book, their brightness, their cup, their dream, their essay, their freedom, their grandfather, their grandfathers, their heart, their mood, their nobleman, their participation, their spoon, their stick, their stomach, their undermining, then, there, there is, there is not, thermos, they, they almost fell, They came, They come/will come, thick, thief, thigh, thill, thin, thin bread, thing, Third, Thirteen, Thirteenth, Thirtieth, thirty, this, This cup is fragile, This is Aziz, this might hurt, This paper is smooth, This paper is soft, This place is completely level, This place is level, this thing of yours, thistle, thou, thousand, thousands and thousands, threaten, three, three or four, Three thousand, threshing-floor, throat, through, through, through, through the door, throw, thuja, thumb, tick, tie in a knot, tie up, tiger, time, to appear, to be satisfied, to belch, to bind, to boil (Intr.), to dig, to divide, to drink, to give, to interrogate, to itch, to know, to suffer, to swim, to test, to the educator, to the healthy, to the house, to the upturned soil, to the vine, to thread a needle, together, toilet, tomorrow, ton, tooth, top of head, top(s) of boots, torch, torn, torture, toy, trace, tracker, train, tramp, tree, tree, trick, trickery, trivial, trot, trunk, trust, tumble, turban, turf, turn, turn back, Turn your head left, Turn your head right, Twelfth, Twelve, twenty, Twenty-first, Twenty-one, Twenty-second, Twenty-third, Twenty-three, Twenty-two, twist, Two hundred, Two hundred and fifty-three, type of flowering plant, type of weed


ulcer, uncle, Under the guise of friendship, understand, understand, Union of writers, unite, unrelated, unsalted, unsubstantial, until he is bored, until it fits, until it goes out, until the passage, until the village, up, urinate, use, use cunning, Uzbek, Uzbek words


vacuum, valley, vari-colored, variegated, various, vegetable, verb, vertical, very, very green, very many, very much, very recently, very slowly, very smooth, very very high, very well, village, vinegar, voice, voiceless female slave, vomit


waist, wait, wait, Waiter, waiting room, Waitress, wake up, walk, walk, walnut, wanderer, war, wares, warm, wart, wash, washing, water snake, water well, water which has flowed, watermelon, way, we, We came, We come/will come, We talked about bread, weak, weasel, weave, weaver, weaving shuttle, wedge between trouser legs, week, weep, Welcome, welcome, well, well-equipped, wet, wet through, what, what day?, What do you teach?, What do you want?, What is this?, What is your name?, What time is it?, What's your name (1), What?!, wheel hoop, when, When did you come?, where, where (exactly), Where are you from?, Where do you work?, Where is my room?, Where is the bar?, Where is the beach?, where to, which, which way, whirlpool, white, white blaze, white lead, white mulberry, who, Who are you?, Who is this?, whole, why, wick, wide, wide open, widower, wife, wild mint, wild turkey, Will he come?, willow, win, win, wind round, windmill, window, windpipe, wing, winter, wipe, wish, wish, with, with happiness and bliss, with this, with you, wither, wolf, woman, woman's name, wonder, wooden fork, wooden vessel, woodpecker, wool, word, work, worker, world, worm, worship, wound, wrap round, wrestle, wrinkle, write, write, writing


yak, year, year round, yellow, yellow, yellow of a horse, yes, Yes!, Yes; what is it?, yesterday, yet, you, you (pl), You came, You came (pl), You can breathe, You come/will come, You come/will come (pl), you plant it, you went, you'll keep going, You're welcome, you?, young, young animal, young lamb, young of a wild animal, young of camel, younger brother, younger sister, your, your (pl), your ass, your attention, your book, your book (pl), your dream, your grandfather, your nose, your prestige, your son, your wish, yours, youth



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