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a cloven hoof, a curved knife, a k. of fermented milk drink, a k. of plant or tree, a k. of salmon, a kid sucking two milch-ewes, a mat, a relative by marriage, a young calf, abhor, above, action, addition, additionally, all, also, always, amble, ancient times, and, angel, anger, angle, animal, animal, ant, appear, appear abdominous, apple, archenemy, archness, area covered with stones, arm, armour, arrow, arrow with blunt end, arrow with iron head, artistic, Ash, ashes, ask, attack, ax


back, bait, bark, barren cow, bathe, bathing, be, be angry, be arrogant, be born, be cross-eyed, be insufficient, be lost, be satisfied, be seen, be sexually excited, bead, beat, become, become boiled, become cloudy, become drunk, become excited, become keep on, become lean, become lean, become mad, become old, beetle, beggar, belch, believe, bellows, belly, Belly, belt, bend knees, bend one's neck, berry, big leather-bag, big vessel, bind, bind together, birch bark, birch tree, bird, bird's stomach, bird-seed, bite, bitter, black, black currants, blackish piebald, bladder, blade, blanket, bless, blessing, blood, blow, blue, boat, body, boil, bone, border, bosom, bottom, bow, bow, bow forwards, bow string, boy, brain, branch, break, breast, breathe, bride, bridge, Bridge, bridge, bridge of nose, bridle, bring, brown, buck, burn, burn, bury, button


calf, Calf, calf of leg, camping-site, cap, capable, carry, cease, cheek-pouch, cheerful, chew, choke, clean, clear sky, Cloud, coagulated milk, coal, coat, cockering, coire, colour, come, companion, compassionate, connect, corner, courage, cover, cover, cow, craftsman, craw, creep, cross a mountain, cross-bar, cross-bar for drying things, cross-roads, crossbill, cruel, crush, cry, curse, cut, cut, cut branches


dance, darkness, daughter-in-law, dawn, dawn, Day, deaf, decrepit, deed, deep, deep snow, deer, defame, demoniac, dew, dexterously, die, dig, diminish, dirt, disappear, discern, distribute, dive, Dog, don't touch me there!, double, double, double shin bone, downstream, drag out the net, dream, dream, drink, drive away, drop, dry, dry grass, dry off, duck, dye


ear, ear-ring, early, earn wages by labour, earth, Earth, East, eat, eatable grass, edge, egg, elder brother, elder brother's wife, embrace, empty, end, ending of the 2d person, enemy, enforcement, enough, enter, envy, equip, era, error, evening, evil, evil ghost, excellent, excrescence, expensive, extinguish, eyebrow, eyelash


fabric, face, faded fur, faith, fall abruptly, fang, Fat, fat, fat in the groins of cows, father, faultfinding, feather, fence for wild reindeer, ferment for milk, fermented milk, fight, file, find, find faults, finger, finger-nail, fingernail, Fire, fire steel, Fish, fish trap, fist, flexion, float, fly, foal, foaled mare, fold, Foot, for the sake of, forbidden, force, forearm, forehead, forge, four, freckles, free in an empty space, freedom, freeze, freeze, frighten, frozen, full, Full, fumes


gad-fly, gather, get into, gift, girl, give, give, glacier, gland, glowing coals, glue, go apart, go astray, go round, go through, go to the bridegroom's, God, god, good, good fortune, goose, gradually, grandfather, grasp, gravel, grind, groin, grow, guest, gum


hail, hair, hair of head, hair on back of head, halter, hand, handle, handsome, hang, hang on, hard, hare, harm, harness, hat, hate, hawk, he, head, head of an arrow, heal of a wound, hear, heart, heat, heavy, help, help, herd, here, hero, hide, high wind, hill, Hilltop, hinder, hit ice with a pounder, hit the target, hit with front hooves, hoar-frost, hoarfrost, hole, hollow, hoof, hook on a fishing rod, horn, Horse, host, how, how much, howl, howl, hummock, hundred, hunger, hungry, hunting with dogs


I, ice, illness, image, imitate, improvised song, in the course of, inner fat, inside of clothes, instrument, insult, interior of smth., into, irascible


jaw, jib, joint, juniper


kidney(s), kill, knee, Knee, kneel down, knife, knolls, know


Labrador tea, ladle, lair, Lake, lame, land, language, lap, larch-tree, lasso pole, last year, lazy, leaf, lean, leather, leather belt, let, level ground, lick, light-bay horse, little, liver, loins, Long, long (of time), look greedily on food, lose strength, Louse, love, lower side


make, make, make a stupid face, make holes, make magic, male reindeer, malice, man's wife's younger sister, mane, many, marriage, marrow, marrow, marten, meal, meat, melt, metaphor, middle of the back, mighty, mild, milk, milk, millet, miserly, miss, mist, mix, mole on the face, monster, month, morning, mortar, moth, mother, mountain, mountain forest, mountain pass, mountain top, mouse, moustache, move, move down, musk


naked, name, name of a God, narrow, navel, near, necessity, neck, needle, negligence, neigh, neighbour, nephew, nest, net, New, new, newspaper, next, night, nipple, nomadize, nose, nose bridge, nostril, not


oblique, of a horse, of course, of grain, old, on back, on one's way, on one's way, on the other bank, one, one hundred, one of a pair, one who is not yet..., open, opposite, oppress, organize, origin, originate, otter, outer side, overflow, overpower, ox


pain, paint, part, pass through, patch, pay, payment for work, people, person, pike, pile up, pincers, pine, pity, place, plaiting, plane, plaster, plenty, pluck, poison, pole, poplar, porridge, possessive suffix (3d person), pot for boiling milk, pound, pour out, pour out water, power, praise, pregnant (of animals), premonition, prescribe, press, press together, price, pride, profit, profit, prop, prop on a pillow, proud, pull, pursue, push, put the kid to a different cow


rafter, rage, rain, raise, rake, rash, rave, reach, reach a high degree, read, reasonable, recite, Red, red clay, reed, rejoice, relatives, remain, revive, rich, ride, ride on, rise, rise, river rapid, road, roast meat, rob, roe, rogue, room, root, rope, rope for calves, rough, round, rub with a noise, run, run away


sack, sacred, sacred band, saddle, saddle straps, saddlegirth, Salmo lenoc, sand, satiated, satiated, saturated, save, scabbard, scissors, scoop, scoop, scrape, scrape, scratch, scrotum, scruff, seam, see, sell, send, separate, servant, seven, shadow, shake, shallow, shamanize, shame, shank, shape, sharp, sharp-edged, shear, shed, shin, shin-bone, shine, shining, ship, shirt, shiver, short, short heavy arrow, shoulder, shoulderblade, shovel, side, sign, similar, sin, sing, singe, single, sit, skin, skin, skin scraper, skis, Sky, slander, slander, sleep, sleeve, slime on dishes, slip, small, small finger, small parasites, small pieces, smoke, snatch, snipe, snout, snow, snow pheasant, snuffle, soil, sole, son, son-in-law, song, soot, sound, soup, South, southern, sow, span, spark, speak, spear, speech, speek excessively loud, Spiraea, spirit, spiteful, spleen, split, spongy bone, spring, squeeze, squirrel, stable, stairs, Star, stay away, steal, steep bank, step, steppe, steppe fire, stick in, stick into, sting, stir up, stockroom, stomach, stone, store-room, storm, stretch out, strike fire, strong, strong wind, stump, sturgeon, submerge, suck, suffer pain, summer, summer camp, sun, support, sway, sweat, swell, swift, swim, sword


tail, take, take smb. along, tale, tarry, tear, tear off, tear out, ten, ten thousand, tender, Tent, tent, tether, that, there is, there is not, they, thick, thick part of the thigh, thigh, thin, thin snow, thirst, thirty, this, thou, thousand, thread, threaten, threaten, throat, throw, throw away, thumb, tie in a knot, time, tinder, to annoy, to be cold in spring, to be drowsy, to bend, to close eyes, to consider, to curve, to ferment, to hide, to jump, to pick out, to play, to punish, to say, to smear, to wait, to wave, to whistle, top, touch, tramp, tree, trot, trust, tuck, tumble, turn round


udder, uncle, uncoil, understand, untie, upper rib, uproot


variegated, vein, vessel, vestibule, vindictive, visit frequently, vomit, vulva


wagtail, waist, walk, walk around, watch, Water, Way, we, weep, where, Where is my room?, Where is the bar?, Where is the beach?, which, white, white willow, white-fish, who, wide, wild goat, willow, wind, window, windpipe, wing, winter, wipe out, wish, witchcraft, without saddle, wolf, wolverine, woman, wonder, wood, wound, wrapper, wrestling


Yakut metric epos, year, yellow, you, you (pl), young horse, young of a wild animal, young of ungulates and bears, young spring duck, younger brother

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