Сборник on-line словарей стран бывшего СНГ

(a children's game), (Turkmen national cap)


a, a baby's first hair, a bold and daring young man, a bouquet of flowers, a bunch of grapes, A canal passes close to here, a Dgrade, a furtive glance, a handful, a kind of melon, a kind of plant, a lamb two years of age, a little, a little at a time, a little bit, a little camel, a little green pea, a little stroll, a long time ago, a lot, a lot of, a place with sandy soil, A plane flew by above us, a rest, a student, a swallow, a tickle, a whistle, a year's worth, ability, able, abnormal, abode, abolish, abolition, about, above, abrasion, absence, absent-minded, absolute, absolute pitch, absolutely, absolutely dry, absorb, absorbant cotton, abstract, absurd, abundance, abundant, abuse, abusive, accelerate, accent, accept, accept your fate, acceptable, accident, accidental, accomodate, accomplish, accomplished, accordance, accordant, accordian, according to, according to your words, account, account of, accountant, accuracy, accurate, accusative, accuse of, ache, achivement, acid, acquaint, acquaintance, acquainted, acquire, acrobat, action, active, activity, actor, actual, adapt, adaptation, add, add a layer, add on, addition, addition sign, address, adherent, adjective, adjoining, admiral, admire, admirer, admit, admonition, adolescence, adolescent, adopted, adopted child, adorn, adornment, adroit, adroitness, advance, advance in pregnancy, advantage, adverb, adversary, advertisement, advice, advise, adviser, advisors, advive, aesthetic, aesthetics, affability, affable, affair, affect, affection, affectionate, affirmative, affix, African, after, afternoon, aftertaste, again, against, agaisnt one's will, age, age (said of men), aged, agenda, agile, agility, agitate, agitation, ago, agree, agree upon, agree with, agreeable, agreed, agreement, agressor, agriculture, ah!, ah! I see!, aha!, aid, aim, aim at, aimless, air, air out, airheaded, airplane, airs, alarm, alarmed, alarming, alcohol, alcoholic drink, alert, alertness, alien, alive, all, all day, all in all, all kinds, all of a sudden, all one's life, all the time, Allah, allegiance, alley, allow, allow speak, ally, almost, alone, along, alphabet, alphabet book, alphabet letter, already, also, alter, alteration


baby, baby donkey, baby goat, bachelor, back, back (adj.), back of a horse, back-up, backside, bacteria, bad, bad fellings, bad luck, badger, badness, bag, baggage, bail, bake, baked meat pie, balance, balcony, bald, ball, ballet, ballistic, ballon, balloon, banal, band, bandage, bandit, bandy-legged, banister, bank, banquet wreath, bar, baracade, barb, barbarism, barbed, barber, barber shop, barefoot, bargain, bark, barley, barren, barrier, barter, base, basement, bashful, basic, basically, basin, basis, basket, baste, basting, bath, bath-house, battalion, battery, battle, battler, bawl, bay (of a horse), bayonet, bazaar, be, be able to, be absorbed, be afflicted, be afraid, be aired out, be alerted, be amused, be angry, be annoyed, be anxious, be at the end, be bankrupt, be beautified, be bent, be bloated, be born, be broken, be burned up, be bursting, be capricious, be captivated, be careful, be chosen, be cleaned, be cold, be collected, be compatible, be complicated, be concealed, be cooked, be coupled with, be courteous, be covered with mist, be dampened, be dazed, be defeated, be delayed, be dented, be destroyed, be detained, be digested, be directed, be disappointed, be disgusted, be disheveled, be dispirited, be divided, be driven crazy, be drizzled, be dumb-founded, be empty, be engaged in, be entitled to, be eroded, be eyes and ears, be faced with, be fallen, be fascinated with, be fed, be fermented, be fervoured, be filled, be finished, be firm, be flipped over, be found, be found of, be founded on, be fragrant, be frightened, be frosty, be frozen, be fulfilled, be glad, be glued, be guided, be hackneyed, be hairy, be hanging, be happy, be hardened, be heard, be hooked, be housed, be hunched over, be hung, be hungry, be hurt, be idle, be ill, be improved, be in a good mood, be in order, be in short supply, be inflamed, be insecure, be interested, be interesting to, be introduced to, be isolated, be jealous, be knotted, be late, be lazy, be leafy, be leaning, be led, be lengthened, be lifted, be lost, be made of, be made well, be mistaken, be mixed, be nervous, be noted, be numb, be occupied with, be offended, be old, be on one's guard, be on the alert, be on time, be oppressed, be organized, be out of breath, be parted, be placed, be prim


C'mon, cabbage, cabin, cable, cackle, cadaver, cafe, cafeteria, cage, cake, calculate, calculation, calendar, calf, calico, call, call (1), call order, call up, callous, calm, calm down, calmly, caloric, calorie, calve, camel, camera, camomille, camp, campaign, can, canal, candidate, candle, candy, cane, canned foods, cannon, cap, capability, capable, capacity, cape, capitain, capital, capitalism, capitalist, capitalistic, capricious, captivating, captive, captivity, capture, caravan, carbon, carbonated, carbonated water, carcass, card, cardboard, care, care for, career, carefree, careful, carefully, careless, carelessness, cares, caress, cargo, cargo ship, carnage, carnation, carnival, carpenter, carpet, carpet factory, carpet maker, carpet-making, carried by the wind, carrot, carry, cart, cartilidge, cartoon, cartoon character, cartridge, case, cashier, cashier's desk, cask, cast a spell, cast down, cast iron, caste, casting (metal), casual, cat, catalogue, catastrophe, catch, catch a cold, catch a hold of, categorically, category, cathedral, cats, cattle, cause, cause pain, cause trouble, caution, cautious, cave, cave in, cease, ceiling, celebrate, celebrated, celebration, cellar, cellophane, cellulose, cement, cemetery, center, centimeter, central, central design, centralize, century, cerebral cortex, ceremonial, ceremony, certain, certain people, certificate, chaff, chain, chair, chalk, chamber, champion, championship, chance, chancellor, chandelier, change, change clothes, change money, changes, chaos, chapati, chapped, chapter, char, character, characteristic, characterize, charge, charge with, charitable, charter, chase, chat, chatter, chauffeur, chayir, cheat, cheating, check, check against, check-up, checkers, cheek, cheek-bone, cheer up, cheerful, cheerfulness, cheese, chemical, chemistry, cherished, cherry, chess, chess player, chest, chew, chew nuts, chewing tobacco, chick, chicken, chicken pox, chief, chigger, child, childhood, childness


daily, dam, dam up, damage, damn, damnation, damp, dampen, dampness, dance, dancer, dandruff, danger, dangerous, dangle, dangling, Danish, dare, dark, dark complexioned, dark in complexion, dark-skinned person, darken, darkness, darn!, dart, dash, date, daugther, dawn, day, day after tomorrow, day and night, day before yesterday, day care center, daylight, daytime, dazzle, dazzling, de pushed in, dead, dead body, deaf, deafness, deal, dean, dear, dear one, death, death rate, deaths, debate, debate (1), debauche, debt, debtor, decade, decanter, deceased, deceive oneself, December, decent, deception, decide, decision, decisive, declaration, declare, decline, decorate, decorated person, decoration, decorative pattern, decrease, decree, dedicate, dedicated, dedication, deep, deep thoughts, deepen, deer, defeat, defect, defend, defend onself, defense, define, definite, definition, definitive, deflect, deformed, deformity, deft, degenerate, degree, delay, delegate, delegation, delicate, delight, deliver, dell, demand, demarcate, democracy, democratic, demolish, demolished, demon, den, denegrate, dense, density, dent, dented, deny, department store, depeen gradually, depend on, dependable, dependence, dependent, depict, deposit, depraved, depth, deputy, descend, descendants, descent, describe, description, desert, deserted, deserve, deserving of, design, design for, designer, desire, desire for, desirous of, desk, desperate, despise, despite, despotism, destiny, destroy, destroy crops, destroyed, destroyer, destruction, detachment, detain, detained, detainee, detective, deteriorate, determination, determine, determined, detriment, develop, development, devil, devoid, devote, devoted, devoted to, devotee, dexterity, dextrous, dial, dialect, diarrhea, diary, dice, dictation, dictatorship, dictionary, Didn't you find anything else?, die, die (1), diesel, diet, dieting, differ, difference, different, differentiate, differently, differentness, difficult, difficulty, diffused, dig, dig around for


each other, eager, eagle, eagle owl, ear, earings, earlier, earlobe, early, early evening, early morning dawn, early spring, earn, earnestly, earnings, earth, earthenware pot, earthquake, ease, east, eastern, easy, eat, eat a little, Eat a piece of watermelon!, eat and drink, eat away, eat grass, eat one's fill, eat some, eat something, ecclesiastical, echo, economic, economical, economics, economist, economize, economy, edge, edging, edible, edict, edit, editing, editor, editorial staff, editorship, educate, educated, education, educational, educator, eek!, eembellish, effect, effective, effectiveness, effeminate, effeminateness, efficacious, efficient, effort, egg, eggplant, eight, eighteen, eighth, eightieth, eighty, elbow, elder, elect, election, elector, electric, electrical connection, electrification, electrify, elegance, elegant, element, elementary, elephant, eleven, elipses, else, elucidate, embarass, embarassment, embark, embark upon, embarrassed, embassy, embellishment, embers, emblem, embrace, embrace with, embroider, embroidered, embroidery, embryo, emerge, emergence, emergency, eminent, emit an unpleasing odor, emphasize, emphatic preposition, emphatic suffix, employ, employment, emptiness, empty, enable, enamel, enangled, encircle, encirclement, enclose, enclosed, enclosure, encounter, encourage, encrust, encrustations, encyclopedia, end, endeavor, ending, endlessly, endure, enemy, energetic, energy, enforce, engine, engineer, engineering, English, enjoy, enjoyment, enlarge, enlightenment, enlist, enormous, enough, enough!, enraged, enrich, enriched, ensue, entangled, enter, enter into, entertain, entertainment, enthusiasm, entire, entirely, entitle, entitled, entrance, entrapment, entrust, entrust with, entry, envelope, envious, environment, environs, envy, epigraph, epilepsy, episode, epoch, equal, equality, equally, equestrian, equip, equipment, era, erase, eraser, erode, errand, erroneous, eruption, escalator, escape, essay, essence, essential, establish, esteem, esteemed, estimation, eternal


fabric, face, face to face, fact, factory, faculty, fade, faded, failure, faint, fair, fairness, fairy tale, faithful, faithless, faithlessness, fake, faker, falcon, fall, fall asleep, fall back, fall ill, fall in, fall in the habit of, fall inpieces, fall off, fall out, fallen tree, fallow, fallow deer, false, FALSE, false, FALSE, falsehood, falsify, fame, familiar, familiarize, family, family house, famine, famous, fan, fantastic, fantasy, far, farm, farmer, farming, farrow, fas-breeding, fascinated, fashion, fast, fasten, fastidious, fat, fat man, fate, father, father), fatigue, fatness, fatten, fattened, faucet, fault, favorable, favorite, fear, fearful, fearless, feather, feathered, feathers, feature, February, feces, fed up with, federal, federation, federative, fee, feeble, feeble-minded, feebleness, feed, feed grass to, feel, feel angry, feel chilly, feel free to, feel free to..., feel inspired, feel nauseous, feel shy, feel sick, feel sorry for, feel the same, feel uneasy, feeling, fell, fellow, fellow traveller, felt, female, female pilot, female underwear, fence, fencing, ferment, fermented dough, fertile, fertilize, fester, festival, festival of the sacrifice, fetch, fetters, feuilleton, fever, few, fiber, fiction, fidget, field, field of endeavor, field of grain, fifteen, fifty, fig, fight, fighter, fightiness, fighting by greedy people, figure, file, file (tool), fill, fill in, fill up, filled, fillet, filling, film, filter, filthy, final, finale, finally, finance, find, find an excuse for, find fault with, find out about, find room, fine, fine arts, fine fee, finger, fingerful, finish, finish (1), finish line, finished, Finn, fire, firework, firm, firm (1), firmness, first, first existing, first name, first place, fish, fissure, fist, fist-fight, fit, fitter, five, five-Dollar/Manat note, fiver, fizzy dairy product, flabby, flag, flake skin, flame, flank, flap, flare up, flash, flash light, flat, flatten, flatten out, flattened


gab, gaiety, gain, gain weight, gait, galactic, gall, gallop, galoshes, game, gape, garacol (baby sheep's pelt), garage, garbage, garden, garden bed, gardener, gargle, garlic, garrison, garysh (a unit of measurement), gas, gasoline, gasp, gassy, gate, gather, gather (1), gathering, gauge, gay, gazelle, gear, general, generally, generation, generous, genius, genre, gentle, gentleness, gently, genuine, genus, geographer, geographical region, geography, geology, geometry, Georgian, germ, German, get a kick out of, get a little older, get across, get angry, get better, get better (1), get bound up, get cold feet, get confused, get dark, get dirty, get done, get dusty, get entangled, get even with, get excited, get excited!, get fat, get fixed up, get gutsy, get hot, get imflamed, get into, get lost, get mad, get married (for a man only), get mixed up, get moldy, get news, get numb, get off, get on, get out, get out of, get out of here!, Get out of here!, get packed, get pleasure, get ready, get rid of, get sick of, get situated, get skinny, get spoiled, get started (about cooking), get sunburnt, get tangled and confused, get tied up, get tied up in knots, get tired, get tough with, get up, get used to, get wet, giant, giant lizard, gift, gifted, giggled, giraffe, girdle, girl, girlfriend, girth, give, give a hand to, give a turn, give an account, give back, give birth, give birth a goat, give drink, give someone a cold, give trouble, give up, give up hope, give voice to, give-and-take, given, gladden, gladly, gladness, glance, gland, glare, glare angrily, glass, glasses, glaucoma, glen, glide, glisten, glitter, glittery, globe, gloomy, glorify, glorious, glory, glove, glow, glue, glutton, gluttony, gnash, gnaw, go, go around, go away!, go bad, go by foot, go crazy, go for a walk, go missing, go numb, go out incoolness, go somewhere else, go sour, go straight, go through, go together, go trouble over, go up to, go with, goat, goat wool, goats, goblet, god, God, God bless you!, going, going out, gold, golden, golly, good, good (1), good (2), good deed, Good evening!, good event, good for nothing, good golly!, good looking, good luck, good natured, good night


habit, haggle, hail, hair, hairy, half, half asleep, half-dead, hall, haloxylon, halter (for a horse), hammer, hammer in, hand, hand over, handful, handkerchief, handle, handle bar, handless, handmade, handsome, handwriting, handy, hang, hang out, hang up, hanging peg, hank of thread, happen, happiness, happy, happy (1), Happy New Year!, Happy...!, hard, Hard work aged him, hard-boiled egg, hard-fought, harden, hardly, hardness, hardworking, harm, harmful, harmonious, harmony, harness, harrow, harvest, harvester, haste, hasten, hastily, hasty, hat, hatch (way), hate, hateful, hatred, haughtiness, haughty, have a bite, have a cold, have a dream, have a dust storm, have a party, have a premonition, have a snack, have doubts, have free time, have occasion to, having a specific purpose, hawk, hay, haydust, haze, hazy, he, He allowed me to speak, He came late to class, he came out of his bad mood, He contradicted me, He doesn't want to go with us, He fastened his belt, he has written, he hasn't written, he is writing, He kept (remained) sleeping, He let loose the rabbit, he must write, he probably will write, he probably won't write, He should raise his voice, He slept until noon, He was curled upin a ball, He was very afraid, He went closer, he went there, he will write, he wrote, He's coming into town, he's healthy, He's my blood brother, head, head (attrib.), head for, head of the table, head scarf, headquaters, health, healthy, healthy (1), heap, hear, hear about, hearsay, heart, heartbeat, hearth, heartless, hearty, heat, heat (1), heat rash, heat up, heavy, heavy rain, hectare, hedgehog, heed, heel, hegemony, heifer, height, helicopter, hell, hello, helmet, helmut, help, help (1), help each other, help find something, help me, help off, help!, helped by, helper, helpful, helva, hem, hemp, hen, hen coop, henceforth, henceforward, her, herd, here, here you are, here!, heritage, hermitage, hero, heroic, heroism, herpes, herring, herself, hesitate, hesitation, hetman, hew, hi, hi!, hiccup, hidden, hide, hide and seek, hide and seek (game), hide away, hide from, hideous, high and low, high flown, high-heeled shoes, higher, highway, hill, him, himself, hip, hippodrome, his, His desires were fulfilled, his dog, his father, his fish, his mother


I, I almost fell, I am not drinking, I am not write, I am not writing, I am writing, i am writing, I ate until I was full, I attended the lectures, I crossed the street, I didn't go, i didn't write, I didn't write, I do not intend to go, I do not intend to write, i do not intend to write, i don't eat, I don't smoke, I don't understand, I don't want to go, i don't write, I don't write, I fulfilled the order, I got a sunburn yesterday, I have a temperature, I have not worked all day, I have written, i haven't written, I haven't written, I intend to write, i intend to write, I know it like my five fingers, I miss you, I must drink only boiled water, I must not go, I must not write, i must write, I must write, I probably will write, I probably won't write, I read the book a few times, I sawed wood, I see!, I think, I took, I tore the paper to pieces, I tried my best to do this, I tried to taste it, I tripped on a stone, I want to sleep, I will not go, i will not write, I will not write, I will write, i will write, I write, I wrote, i wrote, I'll stop by on the way back, I'm avoiding her, I'm hungry, I'm making tea, I've stuffed myself, Ican't swim, ice, ice cream, ice-cream, ice-crusted, idea, ideal, identical, identity, ideological, ideology, idiom, idioomatic, idle, idleness, if, if he writes, if I don't go, if I don't write, if i don't write, if i write, if I write, if it opens, if not, if she goes, if something comes up, if they write, if we write, if you write, if you write (pl), ignorance, ignorant, ill, ill person, ill-bred, ill-informed, ill-mannered, illegal, illiteracy, illiterate, illness, illuminate, illustrated, illustration, illustrative, imaginary, imagination, imbue, imflammation, imitate, imitation, immeasurable, immediate at hand, immediately, immense, immerse, immortal, immotalize, imp, impassioned, impatient, imperative, imperceptibly, imperialism, imperialistic, imply, impolite, impoliteness, import, import/export duty, importance, important, impossible fantasy, impoverish, impress, impression, impressionable, impressive, imprison, improve, improve oneself, improved, improvement, in, in a big way, in a day, in a grand style, in a short time, in a word, in addition, in addition to, in agreement with, in conformity with, in disagreement, in earnest, in front of, in full supply, in general, in good spirits, in great detail, in my opinion, in one's way, in order, in pairs, in place of, in relation to, in short, in the beginning, in the center, in the front, in the future, in the mouth, in the past, in the pre-dawn, in the summer, in this way, in truth, in turns, in your style, in-law, inaccessible, inanimate, inappropriate, incapable, incendiary, incessant, incessantly, incidental, incision, incline, incoherence, income, incorrect, incovenient, increase, incredibly, incubation


jab, jabber, jack, jackal, jackdaw, jacket, jam, jam in, Japan, Japanese, jar, jealous, jealously, jeer, jelly, jester, jeweler, jingle, jingle (1), jockey, jog, join, joined, joint, joke, joke around, joker, jokingly, jolt or shake, journal, journalist, journey, joy, joyful, joyfully, jubilee, judge, jug, juggler, juggling, juice, July, jump, jump out, jumpy, junction, June, jungle, jungles, junk, jury, just, just as, just like, just now, just so, Just tell me, just the opposite, justice, juvenile


Kazahk, kebob, kebob restaurant, keenness, keep, keep a secret, keep at a distance, keep house, keep quiet, kendirik (specialtable cloth), kerosene, key, kick, kid, kidney, kidney beans, kids, kilim (small hand made carpet), kill, kilogram, kilometer, kin, kind, kindergarden, kindergarden primer, king, kiosk, Kirghiz, kisel, kiss, kiss each other, kitchen, kite, knapsack, knead, knee, kneecap, kneel, knife, knit, knit the browns, knock, knock (1), knock (2), knock down, knocking, knoll, knost, know, know deeply, know somebody, know!, know-how, know-nothing, knowledge, knowledgeable, known, known deeply, known person, kompot, Kremlin, kunuk (silver jug for water), kurd, kädi


labor, laboratory, laboratory worker, lace, lacerate, lack, lacquer, lactate, ladder, ladel, ladle, lair, lake, lamb, lame, lament, lamp, lance corporal, land, land a plane, landmark, landscape, language, lank, lap, large, larynx, lashes, last, latch onto, late, late afternoon, later, latest, lathe, latitude, lattice, laugh, laughing stock, laughter, launch, lavish, lavishness, law, lawless, lawlessness, lawyer, lay, lay down, lay down arms, lay eggs, layer, layered, laziness, lazy, lazybones, lead, lead metal, leader, leadership, leaf, leak, lean, lean against, lean on one's elbows, lean over, leanse, leap, leap off, learn, learning, leash, leather, leather bag, leave, leave behind, Leave your books at home, leaven, leavening, Leaves fall from the trees, lecture, ledge, leech, leeward, left, left behind, left side, left-handed person, leg, leg-wrappings, legality, legalize, legend, leggy, legibility, legible, legitimacy, legitimate, legitimize, leguminous, lemon, length, lengthen, lengthy, Leo (zodiac sign), lessen, lesson, let down, let escape, let fall, let go, let him pass, let him write, let in, let loose, let me pass, let me write, let them pass, let them write, let's go!, let's not go to the bazaar, let's not write a letter, let's write!, letter, level, liar, libel, liberal, liberalness, library, license, lick one's lips, lickspittle, lid, lie, lie down, life, life-long companion, lifeless, lifelong, lifting, light, light bulb, light sky blue, lighter, lighthertedness, lightning, lightning strike, lightning to strike, lightwited, lighty dressed, ligthen, like, like (1), like a seizure, like minded, like one another, like that, liken, likeness, limb, lime, limit, limitless, limp, line, line up, linen, linger, lining, lion, lip, liquid, liquify, list, listen, listen attentively, listen to, listener, literacy, literal, literary, literate, literature, litter, little, little bells, little book, little brother, little bunny, little by little, little cakes, little children, little cup, little dictionary, little dipper, little finger, little knot, little rascal, little slice


ma'am, machanics, machanism, machete, machine, machine gun, machinery, machinist, machmaker, mad, made of, made well, magazine, magic, magician, magnet, magnify, magpie, maiden, mail, mailman, mainland, maintenance, majestic, major, majority (18 years of age), make, make a bed, make a bet, make a call, make a case, make a fist, make a fuss, make a hole, make a hole in, make a noise, make a pact, make a place home, make a sign, make a speech, make a stop, make a tea, make a tool, make a trade, make accurate, make acquaintance, make an abstract of, make an agreement, make an effort, make an incision, make an indistinct noise, make an offer, make angry, make at home, make beautiful, make better, make black, make bulging, make clear, make deeper, make dry, make even, make fine, make glassy, make haste, make hay, make hooked, make in time, make it to, make known, make larger, make laugh, make merry, make more frequent, make more profuse, make muddy, make noise, make old, make oneself useful, make peaceful, make smaller, make someone better, make someone content, make someone insecure, make someone wait, make someone work, make something crumble, make something drip, make something rhyme, make specific, make stand, make still, make thin, make up, make up one's mind, make use of, make weak, make well, make yellow, make-up, malaria, male camel, male nurse, malevolent, malfunction, malice, malicious, mallet, man, man of letters, manage, management, manager, mandarin, mandatory, maneuver, manger, mangle, mangy, manly, manner, manure, manuscript, many, many floored, map, marble, march, March (month), marching, mare, mark, market, marketable, marking, marksman, marksmanship, marriage, married, married couple, marry, marshall, marshy, martial law, martyr, marvel, marvelous, marxism, marxism-leninism, marxist, mask, masquerade, mass, mass (as in mass transit), mass death, mass meeting, massage, mast, master, master (1), mastery, match, match makerness, matchmaker, material, materialism, materialistic, math, mathematical, mathematics, matt, matted, matter, mattress, mature, maturity, mausoleum, may, may he not write, may peace be upon you, May they not go, mayor, me, meadow, meal, mean, mean-spirited, meaning, meaningless, means, meanwhile, measure, measurement, meat, meatpie, meaty, mechanic, mechanical drawing, mechanization, mechanize


nail, nail (metal), naive, naked, name, named after, namely, namesake, nana, napkin, narrow, nasopharynx, nasty, nation, national, nationality, nationwide, native, natural, natural gas, natural resources, naturalist, naturally formed, naturally formed bakja, nature, naught, near, nearly, neat, necessary, necessity, neck, necklace, necktie, need, needed, needle, needy, negative, neglect, negociate, negociated, negociations, negotiations, neigh, neighbor, neighborhood, neighboring, neighborly, neighbour, nephew, nerve, nest, net, neutral, neutrality, new, new alphabet, new thing, newly weds, newlyweds, newness, news, newspaper, next, next time, next year, nibble, nice, nice to meet you, nice to see you, nickel, nickname, niece, night, nightingale, nightmare, nightsoil, nimble, nine, nineteen, ninety, ninth, nintieth, nitrogen, no, no good, no one, noble, noise, noise (1), noisy, nomad, nomadic camp, nominate, nomination, non stop, noodle soup, nook, noon, noose, norm, normal, north, northeast, northwest, nose, not, not a soul, not at all, not bad, not far, not full, not long ago, not on good terms, not peaceful, not present, not pretty, not understandable, not very, not well, not well thought out, notable, notary, notary (attribute), note, notebook, notepad, nothing, nothing and none, notice, notification, notion, noun, nourish, nourishment, novel, November, novice, now, now and then, now then, nuclear, nucleus, numb, number, nurse, nursery, nut


oar, oasis, oat flour, oath, oats, obesity, object, object (grammatic), objective, obligatory, oblique, obliterate, oblong, obscure, obscurity, obsenity, observe, observe a ceremony, obstacle, obstacles, obstinacy, obstinance, obstinate, obstinate (1), obstruct, obstruction, obtuse, obvious, obvious (1), obviously, obviousness, occasion, occasionally, occupation, occupied, occupy, occur without help, occurence, ocean, October, odd, odd sock, odor, oesophagus, of Afghanistan, of course, of principle, of what number?, offence, offences, offend, offended, offense, offer, office, office (1), officer, officer's mess, official, offshoot, often, oh, Oh my goodness!, oh yes, oh!, oh! gosh!, oh! oh! boy!, oil, oil worker, oilclotch, oily, okay, olardan, old, old (not young), old age, Old Girl (a variety of melon), old person, old things, old Turkmen, old woman, old-blooded, older, older brother, olive, olympiad, olympics, omission, on, on a diet, on an empty stomach, on duty, on end, on hand, on purpose, on the contrary, on the part of, on top, on your person, once, once again, once and for all, once more, Once upon a time..., one, one after the other, one and all, one and only, one blooded, one by one, one complete set, one day, one hundred, one hundredth, one million, one moment, one of, one of the books, one on one, one sided, one thousand, one way, one who works with silk, one year, one-sided, one-year, oneness, onion, onlooker, only, only a little, onset, onslaught, open, open hearted, open wide, opening, openness, opera, operate, operation, opinion, oppose, opposite, opposition, or, or else, orally, orange, orbit, orbital, orchestra, order, order (1), order (2), ordered, ordering, orderliness, orderly, ordinal numbers, ordinarily, ordinary, ore, organ, organic, organism, organization, organize, organize a party, organizer, origin, original, originate, ornament, orphan, orthographic, orthography, oscillate, oscillation, ostrich, other, other people's, other things, others, otherwise, otter, ouch!, our, our dog, our father, our fish, our mother, ours, out (sports), out of control, out of reach, out of the wind, out of tune, out of whack, outcry


pace, pack, package, packed, packet, paddle, paendeky, page, pail, pain, painful, painfulness, paint, painting, pair, pairless, pajamas, palace, pale, palm, palm of hand, palow, pan, panacea, pancake, pane, panic, panorama, pant, pants, paper, parallel, parcel, pardon, parents, park, parlance, parrot, part, partial, participant, participate in, participle, particular, particularly, parting, partisan, partition, partner, partner in conversation, partridge, parts, party, pass, passage, passenger, passerby, passing, passion, passive, passive voice, passport, past, paster, pastry, pastry chef, pasture, pat, patch, patent, path, pathetic, patience, patient, patriot, patron, patronage, patronize, pattern, pause, pave, paw, pay, pay attention, payment, pea, peace, peace (1), peace (2), peaceful, peach, peacock, peal, pear, pearl, peas, peasant, peck, pedagogical, pedal, peel, peep (squeak), peep at, peep over, peer (person), peg, pelican, pelvis, pen, pen-knife, penalty, penance, pencil, pencil-case, penetrate, penetrating, peninsula, pennant, pension, people, people from the same village, people's, pepper, peppery, percent, perceptive, perdition, perfect, perfection, perform, performance, peril, period, period of time, periodic, perish, permanent, permission, permit, perpendicular, perpetrator, perplexed, perseverance, persevering, persistence, persistent, person, person at the top, personage, personal, personal nature, personality, personnel, persons from village(attrib.), perspective, persuade, persuasive, pestle, pet, petition, petroleum, petty, phenomenon, phesant, philanthropy, philarmonic, philologic, philology, philosophic, phlegm, phlegmy, phone, phonetic, phonetics, phony, photograph, phraseologic, phraseology, physical training, physicist, physics, pianist, piano, pick, pick fruit, pick up, picture, picturesque, pie, piece, piece (of work), piece of candy, pier, piercing, pig, pigeon, piglet, pile, pilgrim to Mecca, pill


qualification, quality, quantity, quarrel, quarrel with, quarrelsome, quarter, quay, queen (in chess), quest, question, queue, queue up, quick, quick wittedness, quickly, quickly (1), quickness, quiet, quietly, quilt, quince, quiver, quiz, quotation, quote


rabbit, rabid, race, race track, racism, racist, rack, racket, radiance, radiant, radio, radio announcer, radio center, radio operator, radio station, radish, radius, raft, rag, rage, rags, raid, railing, railroad, railroad pliers, rails, rain, rainbow, raincoat, rainy, raise, raise a price, raise above, raise oneself, Raise your hand!, raising, raising deer, raisins, rake, rally, ram, ram-like (a compliment), rampart, rank, rant and rave, rap, rapidily, rapidity, rapids, raport, rare, rarely, rascal, rash, rat, ratify, rational, rationalist, rationality, rattle, rattling, raven, ravine, raw, raw material, ray, razor, reach, react, reaction, reactionary, reactive, read, reader, reading and writing, ready, real, realism, realistic, reality, realize, really, really (emphatic word), really dark, really seductive bridal scarf, really?, reap, rear, rear part, reason, reasonable, reassure, rebel, rebellion, rebuff, receipt, receive, receiver, receiving room, receiving set, recently, recess, recignize, recipe, recital, recline, recognition, recognize, recollection, recommendation, recompense, reconcile, reconciliation, reconnaissance party, record, recover, recruit, rectify, rector, rectorship, red, red poppy, redden, reddest, reduce, reduce (1), reduction, reed, refer to, refine, reflect, reflective, reform, refresh, refrigerator, refuge, refugee, regard, regime, regiment, region, register, registration, registry, regret, regular, regulate, rehearsal, reign, rein in, reinforce, reinforced, reinforcement, reins, reject, rejoice, relate, relation, relations, relationship, relative, relative (1), relatives, relaxation, relaxed, relay race, release, relevant, reliable, religion, religious, rely, remainder, remaining, remedy, remember, rememberance, remind, remote, remoteness, removal, remove, render, renew, renovate, rent, rental, repair, repairs, repay a debt, repeal, repeat, repeat several times, repetition, replace, replica, report, report upon, repose, representative


s/he intend to write, saber, sabotage, sack, sack with many holes, sacred, sacrifice, sacrum, sad, saddle, saddle straps, sadness, safe, safely, safety pin, sag, sail, sailing, sailor, salad, salary, saleable, salient, saline, saliva, salivate, sallow, salt, salt solution, salt water, saltiness, salty, salute, same as, samovar, sample, sanatorium, sand, sandbank, sander, sandwich, sandy, sapling, sash, satiate, satin, satisfaction, satisfactory, satisfied, satisfy, saturday, saunter, sausage, sausage link, save, saving, savings, saw, say, say goodbye, say hi, say something, say unpleasant words, scabbard, scald, scale, scale (of a map), scales, scandal, scandalmonger, scandalous, scar, scarcely, scarcity, scare, scarecrow, scarf, scarlet fever, scatter, scattered, scenery, scent, schedule, scheme, school, schoolyard, science, science (degree), scientific, scientist, scissors, scold, scoop, scorch, score, scorpion, scout, scrambled eggs, scrap, scraps, scratch, scrawny, scream, scream from fear, screen, screw, screw in, scrupulousness, scuffle, sculptor, sculpture, sea, seagull, seal, seal off, seal tightly, seal with glue, sealed tightly, seam, seaman, seamstress, search for, searchlight, season, seasons, seat, seat of war, secluded, second, second place, second time, second-hand, secondary, secret, secret service officer, secretary, secretiveness, section, section of a city, secular, secure, security, security deposit, sediment, sedition, see, see off, see you tomorrow, seed, seeded, seeder, seeding, seedling, seeds, seek, seek advice, seem, seem strange, seems, seeth, seethe, segment, seizure, seldom, selected, self, self-centered, self-conscious, self-doubting, self-interest, self-rule, self-worth, sell, seller, seminal, seminar, send, senior, sensational, sense, senseless, sensible, sensitive, sensual, sentence, sentimentalize over, sentner (100 kg.), separate, separated, separation, september, sequin, serach, Serb, Serbian, sergeant, series, serious, serious ideas, seriously


t-shirt, table, tablet, tactic, tahya, tail, tailor, Tajik, take, take a bite, take a responsability, take a view of, take advantage of, take aim, take aim at, take an oath, take apart, take away, take care, take care of, take for a walk, take inaccount, take it!, take leave of, take off, take offence, take out, take pains, take prisioner, take refuge, take revenge, take shelter, take the dog for a walk!, take up arms, take with fork, tale, talent, talented, talisman of camel hair, talk, talk back, talk into, talkactive, talkative, tall, tally, tally up, tame, tan, tangerine, tangka, tangle, tangled hair, tank, tantalize, tap, tape recorder, taper, tar, tardiness, target, tart, Tartar, task, tassel, tassle, taste, tasty, tattered, tatters, tax, taxi, tea, tea-house, tea-lover, teach, teacher, teacher (f), teacup, teakettle, team, teapot, tear, tear drop, tear of a piece, tear off, tear pieces, tease, technical, technical school, technician, technique, Teke (Turkmen tribe), telegram, telegraph, telephone, television, tell me already, temperate, temperature, tempered, tempest, temporary, temptation, ten, ten (noun), ten days, ten years, tender, tender-hearted, tending, tennis, tense, tent, tenth, tenure, term, term of office, terminal, terminator, terminology, termite, terrible, territory, terror, terrorism, test, tether, text, thank you, that, That dress doesn't suit you, that is to say, That makes me feel uneasy, That will bring you harm, that's enough!, that's why, thatch, thaw, the back end, the distant past, The dovelanded on the roof, The exam took one month, The kid was crying constantly, the least, the oldest in the group, the opposite way, the other, the other day, The road is full of potholes, the same, The sunheats the land, The trees are the same height, the very height, The windgot worse, theater, theathre, theft, their, their fish, theirs, them, thematic, theme, then, theorem, theoretic, theory, therapeutic, therapist, there, therefore, thermometer, thermos, thesis, they, they are writing, they have written, they haven't come, they haven't written, They intend to write, they intend to write, they must write, they probably will write, they probably won't go, They reached Ashgabat, They used to go together, they will write, they write, they wrote, theyr father, thick, thick (1), thick-headed, thicken, thicket, thickness, thief, thier dog, thier mother


ucler, udder, ugliness, ugly, Uighur, Ukranian, ultimate, unanswerable, unavoidability, unbiased, unbutton, uncertain, unchanged, uncle, unclear, uncomfortable, unconscionable, unconscious, unconsciousness, unconsidered, uncoordinated, uncultured, unculturedness, undecided, under, under duress, underage, undergardments, undergo, underground, underline, understand, understand each other, understudy, undertaking, undertandable, undertermined, underwater, undestood, undisciplined, undistinguished, unease, uneasy, uneconomical, uneducated, unemployed, unemployment, uneven, unexpected, unfair, unfairness, unfamiliar, unfamiliarity, unfasten, unfavorable, unfortunate person, unfortunately, Unfortunately..., unfounded, unhealthy, uniform, uniformly distributed, uninfomative, unintentionaly, uninterrupted, union, unique, unison, unit, unite, united, united under God, unity, universal, universe, university, unjust, unkeep, unknowable, unknowing, unknown, unknown property, unlawful, unleash, unleavened bread, unlimited, unlit, unload, unloved, unmotivated, unmoving, unnecessary, unpleasant, unpopulated, unquestionable, unquestionably, unresonable, unrest, unrestricted, unrestrictedly, unripe, unripened cotton bud, unruly, unsatisfactory, unscrupulous, unshakable, unsigned, unskilled, unsociable, unspoiled, unspoken, unsuccessful, unsuitable, unswerving, untalented, untangle, untie, until, until now, until one dies, until satisfied, untilled, untouched, untrue, untruthfu, unused, unusual, unwaivering, unweildy, unwell, unworthy, upbringing, upon her, upon him, upon it, upon me, upon the cross, upon them, upon us, upon you, upon you (pl), upper, upper part, uprising, urge, urgent, urgently, urine, us, use, used up, useful, useless, usual, usually, utensils, utilize, Uzbek


vacation, vaccine, vagabond, vague, vain, valley, valour, valuable, vanish, vanity, vanity mirror, vanquish, vapidity, vapor, variant, variety, various, vary, vegetable, vegetable(s), vein, velour, velvet, veneer, vengance, vengeance, venture, veranda, verb, verbal, verdict, verse, versed, vertical, very, very good girl, very much, very well, vessel, veteran, veterinary, vex, vexed, via, vibrate, vibration, vicinity, vicious scheme, victor, victory, view, vigilant, village, vindicate, vinegar, vinil record, virgin, virgin lands, virgin soil, virtue, virus, viscuous, visible, vision, visit, vista, vital, vitamin, vodka, voice, void, volcano, volleyball, volume, voluminous, voluntary, volunteer, vomit, vote, voter, vow, vowel, voyage


waddle, wager, wagon, wail, wailling, waist, wait, waiter, wake someone, wakefulness, waken, walk, walking, wall, wallow, walnut, wander, wanderer, want, wanting to, war, warbler (bird), wardrobe, warm, warm up, warm weather, warmth, warn, warning, warrant, wash, wash away, wash with soap, waste, watch, watch over, watchful, watchman, water, water boiler, water pipe, water-dispenser, water-pump, waterfall, watering, watermelon, watershed, waterskin, watery, wave, waver, wax, way, way to go, we, We agreed against our will, we are writing, we have written, we haven't written, We intend to write, we intend to write, we must write, we passed, we probably will write, We repulsed the enemy, we will write, we write, we wrote, We're dying of hunger, We're sitting Indian style, We're startinga new theme, weak, weaken, weakness, wealth, wealthy, weapon, wear, wear out, wear out (1), weariness, weather, weave, weaving, wedding caravan, wedding gifts, wedding procession, wedge, wednesday, weed, week, week-long, weekly, weell-bred, weep, weeping, weft, weigh, weight, weighten, weighty, weigth, weird, welder, welding, well, well done, well dressed, well lit, well thought out, well(1), well-being, well-bred, well-deserved, well-dressed, well-known, well-liked, well-off, well-to-do, west, wet, whale, What, What a shame!, What do you need?, what else, What has he done wrong?, what is your name?, what kind?, what sort?, what to do?, What torture this is!, What's this called?, what?, wheat, wheel, wheelbarrow, when, when?, where, Where did youdisappear to?, Where have you come from?, where is my room?, Where is the bar?, where is the beach?, where?, whet, which, which number?, which?, while, whim, whimsical, whine, whip, whip up, whirl, whisper, whistle, whistling, white, White House, white-wash, whiten, whitest, whitewash, Who are your kin?, who?, whole, wholeness, wholesale, wholly, whooping cough, whosale, whose?, whrilpoll, why?, wick, wicked, wide, widow, widower, width, wife, wife and husband, wife's brother, wiggle, wild, wild dove, wilderness, wilfullmness, will, will (document), will add, will drink, will you, willingly, willow, willy-nilly, wilt




yard, yarn, yawn, year, year before last, year by year, yellow, yellowest, yellowish, yelp, yes, yesterday, yesterday's, yet, yield (cotton), yo, yoghurt, you, you are writing, you are writing (pl), you don't agree, you don't have eyes to see?, You have an extremely big cat, you have wirtten (pl), you have written, you haven't written, you haven't written (pl), you intend to write, You intend to write, You intend to write (pl), you intend to write (pl), you must write, you must write (pl), you probably will write, you probably will write (pl), you probably won't write, you pronoun, you will write, you will write (pl), you write, you write (pl), you wrote, you wrote (pl), You'd better not mess with me!, You're late to work, You're lying!, You're wrong, you(pl), you(pl.), young, young and old alike, young communist, young donkey, young girl, young people, younger brother, younger sister-in-law, your, your dog, your dog (pl), your father, your father (pl), your fish, your fish (pl), your mother, your mother (pl), your way, your(pl), yours, yours (pl), youth


zeal, zealous, zero, zinc, zone, zoo, zoological, zoology

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