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a k. of plant, a musical (string) instrument, a pinch, above, abrasion, add, advance, afternoon, agreement, air, all, ancestor spirit, anger, animals, answer, antelope, armful, armour, armpit, arrow, ash-grey, ashes, awl, axe


bad, bad omen, bank, bark, be, be able to cut, be afraid of, be ashamed, be born, be damaged, be detained, be full, be ill, be mistaken, beads, become, become cold, become white, belch, below, belt, bend backwards, besom, big, big span, bind together, bird, bite, bitter, black, blade, blind, blood, blow, boast, bone, boot-top, bosom, bow, bracelet, bran, branch, break, breast, bridle, broth, brother-in-law, burn, bushes, buttock, button


cage, camel, careful, carry on the back, carve, catch fire, cemetery, centre, change, chaos, chart, cheap, chest, chew, choke, chute, clay, clean, cling to, clothe, clutch, cold, collect, come, come back, conceal, corner of the mouth, cousin, cover, cow, craftsman, creep, crest, crops, cross (a mountain), cry, cushion, cut lengthwise, cycle year


dark brown, darkening, dawn, day, deaf, deep, defecate, defect, defective, dense, descendant, desert, die, different, dig, diligence, direction, disorder, dissolve, door, double bone, dream, dress, dress, drink, dry


ear, early, earth, East, eat, edge, elbow, elder brother, elder sister, elk, embrace, employ, end, energetic, enjoy, enter, entrails of animals, evening, examine, excrements, excrements of sheep, extreme, eye


face, faeces of young animals, far, farcy, farrow (horse), fart, fat, father, fathom, feather, felt, female of animals, ferocious, fetters, few, fifty, file, finger-nail, finish, fire, fire steel, firm, fish, fist, five, floor, flow, fly, fog, foot, forbid, forehead, forget, fork, forty, four, fox, fragile, freeze, fresh, freshet, friend, front part of the throat, full


game, gape, gather together, gelded goat, get accustomed, get drunk, gimlet, give, glanders, glorify, gnaw, go out, go round, grab, grasshopper, grave hill, green, grey of hair, ground, grow, gruel, guard, guess


halter, hammer, handle with hole, hang on (smth.), hard, hare, harm, have a bitter experience, having a white blaze, head, headstall, healthy, heart, hearth, heat, heated, heavy, heavy rain, hemp, hen, herpes, high, hole, hollow, hoof, hook, horn, horse, horse-cloth, horseshoe, house, hump, hunger, hurry along


I, ice, illness, in a row, insect, inside, instigate, interval, intestines, island


join, juice, jujube, just a little


keep in confinement, kill, kneel, knife, know


lace, lamb, language, large, larva, last year's lamb, laugh, lead, leaf, lean on, leap, leisure, lick, lie, light, light (not heavy), light brown, liver, located, long, louse, love, lungs


magic, magpie, make, man, many, mare, marrow, marrow-bone, mat, maternal relative, meal, meat, method, middle, mild, milk, milk, mind, mirror, mix, moisture, molar tooth, moon, more than, moth larva, mother, mount, mouse, mouth, mouthful, move, mow, mow, musk


nail, nail, naive, name, native place, nauseate, navel, near, neck, needle, nephew, nest, new, night, nipple, nit, nomadize, North, Northwards, nose, not, notice, nutrition


oath, object of worship, obstacle, obtain, ocean, of a saddle, off, on this side, one, open, or bending backwards, order, order, orphan


paint, palm (of hand), paper, part, pass, patrol, pea, peace, person, pick, pickle, pipe, polite, pound, prepare, press down, press into, property, pull, pull




rabid, rain, raise, ram, ramson, rank, rapid, raven, ravine, reach, read, red, relative by marriage, relative-in-law, rest, rib, rise, river, robber, rock, roll, rope, rot, round, rush


sabre, sack, sacrifice, saddle, saddle, saddle blanket, saddle cushion, salt, salty earth, scabbard, scatter, search, secret, secretly, sediment, see, seize, service, shadow, shagreen, shaman, sharp, sharpen, ship, shoot from a bow, short, shoulder, shoulderblade, shuttlecock, sickle, sight, sinew, sit, sixty, skewer, skin, skirt, sleep, sleep, sleeve, slice, small span, smell, smoke, snake, sneeze, snow, snow storm, son, son-in-law, song, soot, soul, soup, South, spin, spin, spleen, stairs, stamp, star, starve, stem, step, step down, steppe, stir, stirrup, stitch, stop up, stretch out, stumble, suck, suffer, suffer from cold, summer, sun, surplus, swallow, swell, swift


table, tail strap, take, take care of, take responsibility, taste, taste, teach, ten, that, thick, thigh, thill, thin, think, thirst, this, thou, thought, thread, three, through and through, tie up a horse, time, tinder, tired, to be able, to boil, to foam, to follow, to press, to walk, together, tooth, top of milk, town, track, trade, tree, tremble, trust, two


udder, unexpected, up to one year old, upside down, urinate, urine


vacant, variegated, vegetables, vehicle, Venus, vertebral gristles


walk submerging into water, war, warm, warmth, wash, watch, water, weak, weave, weep, West, wet, what, wheel, whip, whirlwind, whisper, white, who, widow, will, wind, winter, without, woman, wool, work, wrap


year, year of life, yellow, yellowish, yesterday, you (pl), young, young dog, young dog or cat, young of dog, younger sibling

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