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a bit, a Chuvash native garment, a coin, a curved knife, a dent for inserting bottom, a fence, a flail to thresh grain, a k. of berry, a k. of broom, a k. of fern, a k. of grass, a k. of squirrel, a kind of carp, a kind of waffle, a little, a man who has nothing, a measure, a pinch, a plant which grows in damp, a sort of god, a stinging insect, a struggle, a tuft of wool, abandon, ablative case, above, abruptly, according to, accusative case, acid, acorn, adjective, advice, afterbirth, again, against, agent, agreement, agressors, agricultural technology, agriculture, air, airplane, aka, alas!, alder, alive, all, all day, alone, also, although, always, amble, an amount of rubles, an ending of the 2d person, an ungenerous person, and, angel, angelica, anger, angle, angrily, animal, animals and birds, annually, another, ant, anvil, any, anyone, apex, apple, appletree, appropiate, April, aquila fulva, arm, Armenian, armful, arrow, article, as it were, ascend, ash, ash tree, ashes, aspen tree, assemble, assemble, asshole, assistance, at, at a run, at each and every house, at its time, at our place, at times, attempt, August, authority, autumn, awn, axe, axle


baby of a mammal animal, back, back of the neck, backside, bad, ball of wool, band, bandit, bank, barge, bark, barley, barren cow, barren mare, basically, bast, bastard, bat, be acceting, be ended, be happy, be hired, be lazy, be moan, be shocked, be the same, be united, bear, bear, beard, bearded, beat, beauty, because, become, become drowsy, become green, become pregnant, become wasted, become wet, bed-bug, bee, beer, beg, beggar, beginning, behind, being in company with, belief, believe, belly, belongings, bend, bend, bend, bend one's neck, berry, best sort of flax, betray, better, beverage, bewail, big vessel, bill, bind, birch tree, bird, bird's crop, bird-cherry, bit, black, black-cock, blacken, blaze brightly, blessing, blind, blood, blow, blow, blow one's nose, boaster, boat, body, boil, bone, book, border, border guard, border post, bosom, bow, bow down, bowing the head, box, boy, bracelet, braid, brain, bran, branch, brand-new, brave, bread, break, breast, breast (fem.), breast buckle on Chuvash, breath, brick, bride, bridge, bridle, bristle, broom, brother, brown, brushwood, bucket, buckle, bull, bundle, bundle of flax, burden, burdock seed, bureau, burn, burn (tr.), burn (transitive), but, butterfly, buttocks, buzzing noise, by day


cabin, calculate, calf, camel, camp, camping, candidacy, candle, candy, cane, capable, card, carefully, carp-fish, carpet, carry on back, cartilage, case (grammatical), cast, cat, catch fire, catch fish by a drag, cause to be, cause to grow, cavity, ceiling, cemetery, central, certain, certain ones, chain, chairman, chalk, chaos, characteristic, chase, cheese, cherry, chess, chest, child, children, chin, chisel, choose, chopping block, choral, church, Chuvash, city, class, clause, claw, clay, clean, cling to, close in, closing, cloud, club, coal, coals, cock's spurs, coffee, cold, coldly, collar, collective, color, colorful, colostrum, column, combine, come, come alive, come on!, comfortable, command, commission, common, community, companion, composition, compulsion, concern, conditional verb form, conference, confrontation, consciousness, consequently, consider, consonant, constellation, continually, converse, cooked, coolness, cooper, copper, corn, cornfield, cornfloor, cotton, count, country, courage, court of justice, cover, cover oneseif, cow, crack, crack, cradle, crane, crawl, creak, create an uproar, creek, crop, cross-strap, crow, crush, cucumber, cup, cupboard, currant, curse, curtain, curve, cut, cut, cut in slices, cut into slices, cut oneself up


dance, dance, dare, daring, dark brown, darkness, daughter, daughter-in-law, day and night, death, debt, deceive, December, decoration, deed, deep, deep snow, deep-coloured, defecate, delegate, demand, departure, depth, descend, desert, destroy, dexterous, dictionary, die out, different, difficulties, dig, diligent, dinner, direction, director, dirt, dirt on body, dirty, disappear, distant, distress, dive, dive under, divide, divided, doctor, dog, donkey, door, door curtain, dough, downwards, draftsman, dragon, dramatic, draw, dream, dream, dried up, drone, drop, drop, drowse, drum, dry, dry, dry crumbs, dry grass, dry off, dry out, dry out, duck, duck fowl, dull, dung, during, dust, dwelling place


each, each himself, eagle, ear, earth, earth-worm, easily, East, easy, eat one's fill, eatable grass, economy, edge, egg, eight, eighty, either ... or, elbow, elder brother, elder sister, election, electrotechnical, elephant, elk, elm-tree, empty, enclitic particle of emphasis, encounter, endeavour, endlessly, enemy, enlarge, enlarge, enlightenment, enough, enter, entrance, envy, equal, equipment, even, even if, evening, every, evil, excursion, excuse, exercise, expedience, exposition, extend, exterior, external, extremely light, extremely young, eye, eye-ball, eyeglasses, eyelash


fable syn, face, factory, fairy tale, fall, fall, fall apart, famed, family, family name, famous, fang, far, Far East, farm, Fascist, fasten oneself, fat, father, father and mother, father-in-law, fatherland, fathom, fear, fear, feather, February, fellow, fellowship, female, female slave, fence, fence of rails, ferment, ferment for milk, fermented milk, few, fibre, field, fiercely, fifty, fight, fight, film of egg, financial, fine, finger, finger ring, fingernail, finish, fire, firewood, firm, first of all, fish, fisherman, fishhook, fitting, five, five-year plan, flag, flame, flap of door, flash, flash of lightning, flat, flea, fleet, flour, flower, flute, flutter, fly, fly (insect), flying creature, foal, foam, fog, food, foot, for a long time, for a moment, for example, for the sake of, for what?, force, fore, forearm, forehead, foreign, forest, forever, forget, formerly, fortress, forty, forward, forwards, fountain, fountain pen, four, fox, frankly, frazil, freeze, Friday, friend, friendship, frightened, frog, from the location of something, from the side, from youth, front, front of, frost, fruit, fulfill, full, furrow, furuncle


gad-fly, gall, games, garden, garments, gather, gazette, genitive (case), Germany, gesticulate, get light, giant, gift, gills, gingerbread, girl, give birth, gland, glass, glen, glitter, glow, glue, gluttonous, go away, go back, go out, go up, goat, god, going, gold, golden, good, good fortune, goose, gorge, grain, grandfather, grandmother, grass, grasshopper, great, Great Volga, greatness, greedy, green, grey, grief, grind, ground, ground-squirrel, group, grow, guard, guest, gurgle, gusset, guts


hair, half, hammer, handful, handle, hang itself onto, happen, happiness, hare, harmful, harness, hat, have a trial at court, have write, having beauty, having one, having what?, hawk, hay, haystack, hazel-nut, he, He agreed to help me, he himself, he-goat, head, headrest, healthy, heart, hearten, heat, heat, heat oven, heathen, heaven, heavenly, heaviness, heavy, hectare, height, help, hem, hemp, hen, hence, herald, herd, here, heroically, hers, hide, high above, highway, hillock, hilltop, hired labour, his father, hitch, hoar-frost, hobble, holder, hole, hole in ice, holiday, hollow, homewards, honey, honey drink, hop, hope, horse, host, hour, house, household, how, how much?, however, however it may be, however much, human being, humble-bee, hundred, hunger, hungry, hunting dog, hurt, husband, husbands of sisters, hydroelectric power plant


I, I like this book, I work, ice, ice-hole, if, ill, illness, image, immitate, in accordance with, in another way, in circumference, in distress, in olden times, in pairs, in the distance, in the evening, in the fall, in the future, in the morning, in the springtime, in vain, indeclinable negative particle, indeed, industrious person, industry, inexpensive, infant, infinite, inform, ingenious, inner fat, inquire, inside, instance, institute, instrumental (case), intend, interjection (dissatisfaction), interjection of greeting, interjection of reproach, interjection of satisfaction, interrogative particle, interstice, interval, intr to restrain oneself, invite, iron, iron manacles, island, it, it is possible, itching, its side


January, jar, jellow, Jesus, jet black, joint, juice in meat, July, jump, June, just, just now


kangaroo, Kazakh, Kazan, kerchief, kernel, kettle, key, Khan, kidney, kidney(s), kill, kilogram, kind, king, kingdom, kitchen, kite, knee, kneel down, knife, knock, know, knowledge, knucklebone, kumys


ladle, lair, lake, lamb, land, language, lark, larynx, lash, last, last year, later, laugh, layer, lazy, lead into, leader, leaf, leave, leech, left, leg, let in, let it be, letter (alphabet), letter (mail), level, life, light, lightning, like, like this, lime-tree, linden, line, linen, lion, lip, liquid mire, literatura belles-lettres, little, little by little, live, liver, livestock, lizard, load, local, locative case, lock of hair, lonely, long, long branch, loop, lose mind, louse, love, love, lower, lower side, lump, lungs


magazine, make a fire, make boil, make one, make read, make ready, man, man's wife's younger sister, mane, mange, manuscript, many, maple, March, March, market, marmot, marsh, matematika, material for a caftan, matka, mattock, mattress, May, meadow bank of the Volga, meaning, measure, meat, medicine, meditate, melody, melt, member, membrane, memory, merely, metal, middle, might, mighty, migrate, mild, milk, millet, mine, ministry, minute, mirror, misfortune, misty, mitten, mix, mixture, moan, molar, mole on the face, moment, Monday, money, monkey, month, mood, moon, more than, morning, mortar, Moscow, moth, mother, mother-in-law, mount to horse, mountain, mouse, moustache, mouth, mouth of a river, move, move, movie, much, mushroom, mushrooms, music, Mussya (proper name), myself


nail, name, name of the village, narrative, narrow, Narspi; proper name, National Library, native indigenous, nature, navel, near, necessary, necessity, neck, necktie, need, needle, needle hole, negative article, negative particle, neighbor, neighbour, nest, net, nettle, new, newborn child, news, night, nightingale, nine, ninety, nit, nitrogen, no one, no small amount, no sort of work, no way, noble, noise, noon, normal, north, nose, not, not only, notebook, nothing, nothing of the sort, notice, noun, noun restraint, noun stop, November, now, now... now, nowhere, number, nut tree


oak, oak grove, oak tree, oats, obey, object, object of dedication, obstruct, October, of Chuvashia, of course, of sled runners, of smth., office, often, oil, old, old (not new), old man, old person, old things, old woman, on credit, on its side, on one's way, on top, once more, one, one, one after the other, one another, one each, one hundred, one of, one or another, one's proper, onion, only, onomatopoetic word, onomatopoetic words, ooze, open oneself, opinion, opposite, or, order, orphan, other, otter, our, outer side, outwards, overthrow, owl, ox


Pacific, page, pain, paint, pan, pant, paper, part of loom, particle, particle makes interrogatives, party, party (political), pass through, past of pur, pastry, path, pay, pay, pea, peace, peaceful, peach, pear, pebble, pedagogy, pedestal, peel, peel off, pencil, peninsula, people, pepper, pepper, perceive, perforated, person, person who is lazy, pert, petersham, petroleum, pig, pigeon, pike, pile, pile up, pillow, pilot, pine tree, pitch-dark, place, place, place between the neck, plain, plan, planet, plant, plaster, play, play, playful child, pleasure, pledge, plentiful, plough breast, plow, plow, pluck, plug, plum, plural to preceding, poem, poison, pole, poll, poplar, poppy, porridge, possess. suffix (3d person), postposition, postposition approximately, postposition around, postposition by means of, postposition for, postposition thanks to, postposition up to, potato, potatoes, pour, pour out water, pour over oneself, prayer, predator, prefer, prefix, present, present-day, press in, prize, production, profit, prop of the door hinge, proper name Johnny, prophet, prosthesis, protect, protected, pull, pulling, punishment, purr, pus


quarrel, quart, quarter, question, quick, quickly, quiet, quiet and grey, quite


rafter, ragged, railroad, railroad ties, railway, rain, raise, rake, ram, rank, ransom for bride, rash, ravine, reach, reach out for, reader, reading, reading room, rear part postposition behind, reason, recently, reception, red, reed, reedmace, region, rein, reins, rejoice, reknowned, relative-in-law, religion, rely on, remain, report, reproachful attitude, republic, request, resin, resolution, respect, respected, revolution, rich, rifle, right, ring, ripe, river bed, road, roar, rock, roe, roof, room, root, rope, rose, rot, rotten, round, round thing, round wooden bowl, rub, ruble, ruff, ruler, rump, run, Russia, Russia (in Soviet era), Russian, rye


sable, sacred, saddle, saddle strips, salt, salted, same as, sand, sarcastic, Saturday, save, savings, savings bank, scabbard, scar, scent, school, science, scoop, scoop, scrape, scrape, scratch, scratch, scrofula, sea, sea knot, seal, seam, seashore, season, seat oneself, second, second floor, secretary, secretly, security, sedge, see, seed, seek, seem, seldom, send, sentry, separate, separate, September, series, servant, settle, seven, seventy, sew, shadow, shaft-poles of a cart, shaggy, shake, shallowness, shaman, shame, sharp, sharp-edged, she, sheaf, sheat-fish, sheep, sheet, ship, shirt, shiver, shoot, shore, short, shoulder, shoulder, shoulder yoke, shoulderblade, shovel, Siberia, sickle, side, side postposition along, sieve, silently, silver, similar, sin, since, sinew, sing, singe, sink, sister, six, sixty, sketch, skilless, skin, skinner, sky, slander, slander, sled, sleep, sleep, sleeve, sleigh, sliver, slow, slowly, slumber, small, smear, smell, smiling, smith, smoke, smokestack, smooth, snake, snipe, snore, snow, snow-white, snowdrift, so many, so much, so that, soaking wet, soap, sober, soft, soil, soldier, sole, some, somehow, someone, something, sometime, somewhat, somewhere, somewhere, son, son-in-law, song, soon, soot, sorcerer, sorrow, soul, sound, sound of the whip, sour, Soviet, sower, sparrow, sparse, spear, speech, speech (the faculty), sphere, spider, spin, spine, spine of animal, spit out, spleen, split, spoon, spot, spouse, spring, spring, sprinkle, squirrel, srpingtime, staff, stage (of theater), stalk of cereals, stallion, stalwart, stand watch, standard, star, starling, starvation, starve, state, state farm, stave, steam, steamship, steel, steep bank, stem, step, steppe, steppe fire


table, tail, take, talk, talk unintelligibly, tall, tamarisk, tar, task, tassel, taste, taste, tax, tea, teach, teacher, teapot, tear, technician, technicum, temple, ten, that, that (distant), that (not too distant), the beginning, the devil, the essential part, the former one, The next stop, the old one, the others, the parents, the steppe, the swallow, their, their son-in-law, then, then, there, there are, there is not, these, they, they themselves, thick, thief, thin, thin snow, thing written, thirty, this, this (deictic particle), This dress matches you, this year, thither, thou, thousand, thread, threaten, three, three times, three together, thresh, threshing yard, throat, through, throw, thumb, Thursday, tiger, time, tiny, to, to accompany, to adorn with carving, to advise, to agree, to annoy, to arrest, to arrive, to ask, to award, to be afraid, to be anxious, to be ashamed, to be astonished, to be born, to be constructed, to be distressed, to be hungry, to be interested, to be jealous, to be located, to be lost, to be of the opinion, to be pregnant, to be tired, to bead, to beat, to become angry, to become beautiful, to become drunk, to become mad, to become turbid, to begin, to belch, to bellow, to bite, to blaze, to break up into small pieces, to breathe, to breathe heavily, to buy, to care, to cause to fall, to cause to stand, to cheapen, to chew, to clap, to clean, to clean oneself, to close, to compare, to compensate, to conjure, to cough, to cover, to cover up, to crackle, to cry out, to curse, to damn, to dare, to decrease, to destroy, to die, to divide, to do, to don, to drag, to draw, to dream, to dress, to drink, to drive, to drive away, to earn wages by labour, to eat, to enter, to fall on one's knees, to fasten, to feed, to feel, to feel ague, to find, to find refuge, to flail, to flee, to float, to flow, to fly, to follow, to get ready, to get to, to get well, to give, to go, to go away, to go over, to grasp, to grow soft, to grow up, to guard, to guess, to hang, to harm, to have enough strength, to have invited, to have made, to hear, to hide, to hire oneself out, to hit, to hold, to hold back, to hope, to hunt, to hurry, to itch, to its side, to judge, to kiss, to knead, to know one another, to laugh repeatedly, to lead, to leave (transitive), to leave the way, to lick


udder, Ukraine, underclothes, understanding, understanding, unemplojment, unexpectedly, unfasten, ungenerous, unit, unite, unsubstantial, until, until tomorrow, up to now, upper, upper dialect of Chuvash, upper part, upper rib, upwards, urinate, urine, use up, useful


valley, variegated, various, vat, vein, very, very good, very green, very young, village, vinegar, visible, vocal cords, vodka, voice, Volga river, voluntarily, vomit, vote


wagon, wagtail, waist, walk, walk a bit, walking stick, wall, war, wares, warm, warrior, wart, water, water sprite, wave, way, we, we ourselves, wealth, wealthy, weather, weave, Wednesday, weed, weedy, week, weft, well, wet, what, what is to be done, what sort of, what sort of a, what sort of person?, what?, whatever, wheat, wheel hoop, when, whence, where, wherever, whether, whetstone, whey, whinny, whirlwind, whistle, white, white copper, who, Who is this One?, whoever, wide, widow, width, wife, wild animal, wild bird, wild dog, will, willow, wind, wind around, wind round, window blind, windpipe, windstorm, wine, wing, winter, wipe, wipe off, with, with a hook, with one form, with pleasure, wither, witness, wolf, woman, woman's plait, wonderful, wood, wooden board, woodgoblin, wool, word, wordless, work, work brigade, worked leather, worker, working man, world, worm, worm, wormwood, worry, wrestle, write, write a bit, written language


year, yellow, yellow of a horse, yellow pepper, yesterday, yield, you, you (plural), you (sing), you don't say!, you yourself, you yourself, you yourselves, young, young lamb, young of a wild animal, young of birds and animals, young of camel, younger brother, your, your (genitive of esir 'you')



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