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1-year-old kid


a k. of grass, a k. of reed, a k. of short coat, a little, a mass of hair, a mistake, abandon, above, acid, add to, additionally, after, age, air, alive, all, also, an ending of the 2d person, ancient, and, anger, angle, animal, ant, apart, appear, apple, aptitude, area covered with stones, arm, arrange in a row, ash, ash tree, ashes, ask, attached, aunt, autumn, aware, awl, axe


back, back of horse, back of the neck, bad, bad weather, badger, bag, ball of wool, bandit, baptize, bark, barley, barren cow, bat, be, be afraid, be ashamed, be bad-tempered, be beneficial, be broken, be ended, be satisfied, be tired, beads, bear, beard, beat, become, become drunk, become mad, become pale, bed-bug, bee, beer, bell, bellows, belly, between, big, big vessel, bird, bird's crop, bitch, bite, black, blanket, blech, blessing, blood, blue, blunt, boar, boat, body, body, body hair, bone, book, bosom, bow, bow string, brain, bran, branch, brave man, bread, break, breast, breath, bridge, bridle, bring, broad, brother, brown, buckle, bull, bundle, burn, burn (itr.), bury, butterfly


calf, calf of leg, camel, camp(ing), camping-site, cap, caress, cartilage, cat, catch fire, cattle, chalk, channel, chase, cheek, cheek-pouch, chop, chop off splinters, claw, clay, close eyes, cloud, clover, club-footed, coagulated milk, coal, cockle, cokered, cold, collect, colostrum, come, come out, come to an end, copper, cost, counsel, country, courage, cover, cover up, cow, craw, create, crippled, crow, crush, crush, cry, cup, curse, curve, cut, cut branches, cut into slices, cut off edges


dance, dark brown, daughter-in-law, dawn, deceit, deceive, deed, deep, deep snow, defecate, demolish, destroy, destroy, dew, die, die, dig, dirt, disappear, divide, dog, doll, donkey, door, door curtain, double shin bone, drag, draw, dream, drink, drive away, drop, dry, dry, dry grass, dry out, duck, dung, dye


ear, ear-ring, earn wages by labour, earth-worm, East, eat, edge, edge of cloth, egg, elder sister, elm-tree, empty, enjoy, enter, erect a building, err, extinguish, eye, eyebrow, eyelash, eyelid


face, fall, fang, fat, fat, father, fathom, feast, feel, felt, female, fence, field, file, find, finger ring, fish, fit into, flame, flap, flat, flat and broad, flawless, flea, flee, float, flow, fly, fly, fog, fog, follow, foot, forearm, foreign(er), forest, forget, forty, four, fowl, fox, freckles, freeze, fringe, frog, front, frost, full, furrow


gall, gappy, garlic, get lost, get to know, girl, give, glitter, gnaw, go away, grain, grape, grasp, grass, gravel, green, grey, grey-headed, grind, grind, grow, gusset in clothes


hack, hair, hair of head, hammer, handful, handle, hang, hang on, hard, hard of steel, hare, hare, harness, hat, hate, hawk, haystack, he-goat, head, healthy, hear, help, hemp, herald, high, hit, hoar-frost, hobble, hollow, honey, honorary place in the house, hoof, horn, horse, house, howl, hunger, husk


I, ice, illness, image, immerse, impolite, in front of, in slices, inheritance, instrument, insufficient, interrogative particle, irritate


jaw, jealous, joint, jug, jüzüm


kep, kerchief, kidney(s), kill, knee, kneel down, know, knucklebone, kumys


lake, lamb, lamb (6m. old), land, language, large bovine, lasso pole, last year, layer, leaf, lean, leather, leather belt, leech, left, leg, level, lick, lie, light, lightning, like, lime-tree, lip, listen, load, lonely, lose strength, louse


maggots in rotten food, magpie, make, make a decision, make holes, mallet, man, mange, many, maple, margin, marrow, marsh, mattress, measure, meat, melt, memory, messenger, metallic pendant on a belt, middle, migrate, mild, milk, milk, millet, mirage, mis-step, miss, mistake, month, monument, mood, mortar, mother, mountain, mouse, moustache, mouth, move, move down, musical instrument


naked, name, narrow, navel, near, necessity, neck, needle, neighbour, nest, net, net for catching birds, new, new-born, new-born animals, night, nit, noon, nose, not, not


oath, oats, oblique, occasion, of food on dishes, offended, on the face, one, one of a pair, onion, only, ooze, open, oppress, order, out, outer side, overflow, overthrow


paint, pale grey, palm of hand, palm of hand, pant, patch, pea, pear, peck, peel, pellicle, people, phalanx, pick, pig, pike, pillow, pine cone, pipe, pipeclay, pity, place of staying, plait, plane, plant vertically, play, pleasure, plough breast, plum, poison, poker, pollinate, poor, possess. suffix (3d person), pot, pound, pour out, pour out water, power, precious stone, prediction, pregnant of animals, press, press in, prop, protect, pull, pull the trigger, put


qajyr, quiet


rafter, rain, rain, raise, rake, ramsom, raw, reach, reach, recently, recite, reed, relatives-in-law, remain, resin, respectful address, rest, rich, right, ripe, rise, rize, rob, roll, roll over, room, root, rot, rotten, round, round thing, rug, rust


sable, sack, sad song, saddle, salsula, salt, satiated, say, scabbard, scarlet, scatter, scrape, scythe, seam, search, sedge, see, seed, sell, send, separate, separate, set teeth on edge, sew, shake, shake, sharp, sharp stick, sharpen, shave, sheaf, shed, sheep-dog, shirt, shiver, shoe, shoot, shoulderblade, shovel, side, side, sieve, sift, sign, sin, sinew, sink, skin, skin of kid, skin tanned, sleep, sleeve, slide, smear, snake, snow, soak, sole, son-in-law, song, soot, sorrow, sound, sow, span, sparrow, speak, spear, speech, spin, Spiraea, spirit, spit, spleen, split, spoke, spool, spoon, spread, spring, sprinkle, stand, star, starling, steep bank, steppe, stick into, stick to, stick to, stiffen, stone, storm, stout hearted, strain, strangle, straw, strawberry, street, string, stump, stupid, sturgeon, submerge, suck, suffer, sugar, summer, summer camp, sun, support, support, swaddling clothes, swallow, swallow, swan, swear, sweep, sweet, swell, swelling, swim, sword


tabacco, table, tack, tail, take, tale, tar, taste, taste, tea, tear, ten, test, that, the essential part, there is, there is not, thick, thief, thill, thin, thin snow, this, thou, thousand, thread, through, thumb, tick, tie a knot, tie to, time, tinker with something, tired, to chew, to dig through, to knock down, tomorrow, tongue, tooth, top of head, top(s) of boots, torture, tower, tramp, trouser leg, trumpet, truth, tulip, tumble, tumour, turban, turn over, twist


udder, uncle, understand, unite, unsubstantial, untie, up, upper layer, urinate


valley, variegated, various, vein, vertical, village, vinegar, virgin soil, visit, vomit


waist, wait, wake up (intr.), wake up (trans.), walk, walk trough, war, warm, wart, watch, we, weasel, weather, weed, week, well, what, wheat, whetstone, white, wick, wide, widower, wild duck, willow, win, win, wind round, wine, wing, winter, wipe, wire, wish, wither, woman, woo, wool, word, world, worm, wound, wrap, wrench, wrench, wrestle, wrinkle, write


year, yellow, yesterday, young, young animal, young lamb, younger brother

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